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Christian De La Huerta - spiritual coach, author

Ep. 23

Christian is the author of Awakening the soul of Power, Part 1 of Calling All Heroes series TedX Speaker, Personal Transformation and Breathwork Coach.


In this interview with Christian we discuss his life growing up in communist Cuba and how the COVID-19 pandemic allowed him the time to write his new book. We discuss the themes throughout his book, the idea that doing inner work upon oneself makes you a hero. The rise of the feminine energy in our society, coupled with the withering of toxic masculinity and how this brings balance to us. We also discuss the new, more creative roles for men who feel their traditional role within society is evaporating. We also look at how the disasters in our world natural or man-made are serving as a catalyst to wake people up to doing this work upon themselves in order to prepare for great change. We also how mediation and breathwork are essential parts of this work and Christians work in teaching these techniques.


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With Dr. T. Human Engineer, Angel advocate and Natural Born Healer

Ep. 19
Dr. T is a teacher and natural-born storyteller, He heals with quantum physics, focused intention and with the guidance of Angels. through his methods he has helped to restore the health of thousands of humans and animals. Dr. T holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, a Bachelor of Science degree in human biology, is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and a certified massage therapist.In this interview Dr. T talks about his early life moving from job to job (including herding Goats) and , picking up life changing injuries before eventually finding a healing practitioner who was doing things no-one else was doing. It was from there that Dr. T began his own foray into healing. He studied many different healing courses and philosophies ( including before he stated to work with Angels which took his healing practices to a whole new level and now he has condensed over twenty years of experience into a number of courses. Due to the demand for this services, he now teaches others his methods.Dr. T is the creator of TNT (Total Knowledge Technique) and unparalleled remote healing technique. He offers free video calls in which the participant can meet and talk with Dr. T (The Miracle Zone).Crazy Unknown Shift a four week virtual event helping to heal all those crazy and undiagnosed conditions that modern medicine has no answer for.***During the course of the interview, not only did we send loving healing to the audience, but Dr. T performed healing upon me, who as a healer myself, can vouch for it genuineness, but angelic presences also made their presence known.***You can find and reach Dr. T on his below Social Media Links: for The Spirit Channel $500 off coupon code is:TNTLOVE (enter this at checkout)

With Bo Bissett - Founder Of Amo Ni

Ep. 18
Bo is the founder of Amo Ni ( meaning love in Spanish and you in Chinese), a healing modality that incorporates Kinesiology, EFT, (Emotional Freedom Techniques), NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), and Breath work. Amo Ni, is an energy and block clearing in your life that enables you to move forwards, live a heart centred life and helps you develop you intuition. Bo is also the author of two books Amo Abundance - The Self Aware Solution to Abundance and Amo Form - The Self Aware Solution to Addiction). ----------------------------------------------------------------------In this interview, Bo candidly talks about his early life being a football star but wasting his talent in drugs' and alcohol, being involved in serious car crashes, and serious accidents, seeing his dead grandfather after one near fatal crash and how his life path took him to his now home in Taiwan via a globe-trotting around different countries around the world. After ending up in the gutter passed out drunk, in Taiwan he realized his life needed to change. After seeking out and learning various healing and self-help philosophies he eventually incorporated the best of them into one course which he called Amo Ni. -------------------------------------------------------------------------Through this journey, Bo uncovered many hidden facets of himself and realized how he was self-sabotaging his opportunities and prospects in life and with the help of his wife, they have grown and evolved beyond the old paradigm that once held them in check. Now he's here to help and teach others how to do the same.. Bo can be connected with on the below links: