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I am a spiritual seeker. This is dedicated to all things spiritual. Inspired writing, channeled messages, spiritual advice and self improvement and self realization. Or just personal viewpoints. Spirituality is more vita

With Donna Tashjian, Life Mastery Coach , Speaker, Minister and Founder Of Vibrant Living

Ep. 5
Donna, in addition to the above, is a podcast host, blogger, author and creator of a number of workshops and programs designed to help people live their lives to the fullest. Donna specializes in helping Women break free of past baggage and trauma that is stopping them form moving forward and realizing their potential. Donna is the founder of a non-profit origination that has been running for over six years. With over 40 years experience in the personal growth field and 25 years as a speaker/ coach Donna's programs help you understand the spiritual laws and human superpowers that most people don't utilize to help them navigate life.We discussed Donna's upbringing and traumatic past as a teenage mom and crippling self doubt and how she used those experiences as as springboard to the life she imagined in her mind to the person she is today giving back to others in need. We looked and discussed her mentorship and coaching programs looking at the differences today in available help compared to when Donna was starting out. We also discussed how the law Of Attraction is misunderstood, the importance of Love in our journey, when to learn to No, her eBook's and detoxing in nature .Donna can be found on the following sites:

With Corbie Mitleid Psychic, Past life specialist, and author

Ep. 16
Corbie is a Psychic, trained medium and past life specialist. She's one of the two channels featured in Robert Schwartz Your Soul trilogyShe's the author of three books herself Including ' Cleaning Out Your Life Closet' which we discuss in this first interview.Also in addition to the above, Corbie is aCertified Tarot Master and reader, an ordained minister in the Order of Melchizedek and inspirational teacher.In this first interview we go through Corbie's history and the events that shaped her life. The inspiration her father had on her, the tragedy of her mother. The damaging and controlling influence of her Grandmother and the completely different character of her father's later partnerShe talks about her abuse at the hands of two previous partners, the finding of her current partner and the survival of their relationship through two bouts of breast cancer.We discussed how the events of 9:11 proved to be a catalyst for Corbie to offer her talents in a public format and the years since then.Her first book which is a do- it- yourself self-help book chock full of ideas and concepts to help you help yourself; it's a great read, especially when written using her strange language.You can request Cobrie's services or connect with her on her sites: