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  • 187. Episode 187

    In this episode, we delve into the fascinating journey of Kevin Fearon, a stalwart of the Liverpool theatre scene. From his humble beginnings as a milkman’s son to becoming the driving force behind the revival of the Royal Court Theatre, Kevin shares his incredible story. Learn about his experiences in theatre management, his foray into stand-up comedy, and the creation of the iconic Rawhide Comedy Club. Discover how Kevin and his team transformed the Royal Court into a thriving hub of entertainment, and hear about their exciting plans for the future, including the Sir Ken Dodd Happiness Centre. Join us for a heartfelt conversation filled with laughter, challenges, and triumphs.Chapters:(00:00) Introduction(02:30) Kevin's Early Life and Theatre Beginnings(10:45) University Years and Working as a Stagehand(18:15) Moving to London and Stand-Up Comedy(25:00) The Rawhide Comedy Club(35:20) Taking Over the Royal Court Theatre(45:00) The Success of Brick Up the Mersey Tunnels(55:30) The Future: Sir Ken Dodd Happiness Centre(01:05:00) The Unique Theatre Experience at the Royal Court(01:15:00) Conclusion

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  • 186. Episode 186

    In the latest episode of our podcast, Pete Price sits down with the dynamic Josh McDowell, a young broadcaster, presenter, and journalist who has made quite a name for himself in the media industry. This episode is a treasure trove of insights, personal stories, and future aspirations that you won't want to miss.Josh's journey begins in the small seaside town of Portstewart in Northern Ireland. From a young age, he was drawn to the world of media, participating in amateur drama and nurturing a deep interest in storytelling. This passion led him to Liverpool, where he pursued a degree in Media Professional Studies at Liverpool John Moores University. Despite considering other cities, Josh felt an immediate connection with Liverpool, its vibrant culture, and its welcoming people.After completing his degree and taking a brief hiatus, Josh returned to academia to earn a Master's degree in International Journalism. This period of intense study and self-discovery solidified his commitment to a career in media. It was during this time that he crossed paths with The Guide Liverpool, a pivotal moment that would shape his professional journey.The Guide Liverpool, a well-regarded platform known for its high-quality video production and comprehensive coverage of what's happening in the city, became Josh's professional home. Under the mentorship of Jay Hind, the owner of The Guide, Josh honed his skills, learned the intricacies of the media industry, and grew both personally and professionally. He speaks highly of Jay, crediting him with providing invaluable opportunities and fostering a supportive, collaborative work environment.Throughout the episode, Josh shares memorable experiences from his time with The Guide, from covering major events like Eurovision to interviewing notable figures such as Jamie Carragher and Sam Ryder. He also reflects on the challenges of the industry, the importance of staying relevant, and the need to adapt to ever-changing technologies and trends.But the conversation isn't just about work. Josh also opens up about his personal life, including his recent marriage to his best friend, Charlotte. Their shared love for adventure is taking them on a new journey to Australia, where they plan to travel and explore for the next six months. Despite this exciting new chapter, Josh assures listeners that he will continue to contribute to The Guide Liverpool remotely, maintaining his connection to the city he has grown to love.This episode is a heartfelt exploration of a young man's journey through the media landscape, filled with passion, dedication, and a touch of wanderlust. Whether you're an aspiring journalist, a fan of The Guide Liverpool, or simply someone who loves a good story, this conversation with Josh McDowell is sure to inspire and entertain.
  • 185. Episode 185

    In our latest podcast episode, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the incredibly talented Asa Murphy. Asa's journey from his humble beginnings in Kirkdale to becoming a celebrated entertainer and writer is nothing short of inspiring. Asa's love for music began at a young age, growing up in a lively household next to a pub where he was constantly surrounded by music and merriment. With a name like Murphy, it's no surprise that Asa's Irish heritage played a significant role in shaping his musical tastes. He taught himself to play the guitar at the age of twelve and was heavily influenced by swing legends such as Bobby Darren, Matt Monroe, and Frank Sinatra.Despite his passion for music, Asa's path to becoming a professional entertainer was not straightforward. He worked various jobs, including as a care worker and filling vending machines, before taking a leap of faith and sending a CD to Billy Butler at "Stars in Your Ears." This bold move marked the beginning of his professional music career, leading to gigs in rough pubs and eventually performing on prestigious cruise ships like the QE2.However, the glitz and glamour of cruise ship performances came at a cost. Asa candidly shares the challenges of being away from his family and the toll it took on his marriage. Ultimately, he made the difficult decision to focus on UK-based work to maintain a balance between his career and family life.During the lockdown, Asa's creative spirit led him to explore new avenues. He wrote a children's book, "The Monkey with No Bum," which became a surprising success and provided financial support during challenging times. Additionally, he was approached to become a celebrant, a role that allowed him to help families celebrate the lives of their loved ones through personalised ceremonies.One of Asa's most significant achievements is his show "Irish Annie's," a heartfelt tribute to the characters and stories from his Irish heritage. The show features original songs and has received rave reviews, selling out theatres across the UK and Ireland. Asa's ability to weave humour, emotion, and music into his performances has resonated deeply with audiences, making "Irish Annie's" a standout success.Asa's journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, passion, and creativity. He encourages aspiring entertainers to make things happen for themselves, emphasising the importance of hard work and adaptability in the ever-changing entertainment industry.
  • Episode 184

    Pete sits down with Peter Mac, a football agent with a unique and inspiring journey. From his beginnings as a doorman at the Shakespeare Theatre club to managing top football players, Peter shares his incredible story and insights into the football industry.Learn about the intricacies of player contracts, the financial realities for players, and the impact of television on the sport. Peter's candid discussion also touches on the future of football, the importance of fans, and some memorable moments from his time at the Shakespeare.This is an episode you won't want to miss!
  • 183. Episode 183

    Join Pete Price for an exclusive episode featuring Mark DaVanzo, CEO of Liverpool's Everyman and Playhouse theatres. Discover Mark's incredible journey from New Zealand to Liverpool, the evolution of repertory theatre, and the exciting 60th birthday celebrations of the Everyman.In this episode, Mark shares fascinating insights into the world of theatre, the importance of understanding every aspect of production, and the unique collaborative spirit within Liverpool's cultural sector. Learn about the rich history of the Everyman and Playhouse, upcoming shows, and the theatre's commitment to nurturing young talent.Don't miss out on this captivating conversation about the past, present, and future of Liverpool's vibrant theatre scene.
  • 182. Episode 182

    In our latest podcast episode, we sit down with the incredibly talented Emma Dears, a West End star with a flourishing career. From her early days as a young performer in "Annie" to her acclaimed show "Judy and Liza," Emma shares her journey, the highs and lows of show business, and the importance of balancing life with a career in theatre. Discover the fascinating stories behind her roles, her experience with rejection, and her insights on sustaining a career in the arts. Don't miss this inspiring conversation—listen now!
  • 181. Episode 181

    Dive into the remarkable life of Peter Johnson, the man who touched the lives of many through his love for football and philanthropy. This week's podcast episode is a tribute to his legacy, featuring heartfelt memories from his daughter, Kate. Discover the stories behind the success and the family values that shaped everything he did. Tune in to celebrate the life of a true community hero.