The Reluctant Historian


Aliens Part Two: Strange Happenings

Season 3, Ep. 5

This week, Liz and Dakota look at some of the more famous alien and UFO sightings from around the world.

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  • 11. The Death of Gloria Ramirez

    This week, Liz and Dakota explore the mysterious story of Gloria Ramirez, and woman who's untimely death caused some major illnesses in the people treating her.
  • 10. The Green Children of Woolpit: The Cult of Beans

    This week Liz and Dakota look at some of the theories that have sprung up around the strange tale of the Green Children of Woolpit. Was it trauma? Was it aliens? You decide.
  • 9. Can ChatGPT Write a Funny Podcast?

    Please note, this episode's sound has been corrupted - it's not your speakers, it's us. This week, Liz and Dakota get META, asking ChatGPT to write a podcast episode. Will it be good? Will it be bad... you decide. And then listen to us decide if ChatGPT should be used to write more episodes.
  • 8. The American Plan: Little Dick Energy

    This week, Liz and Dakota look back at a little remembered time from America's past with a war time plan that was targeted at those whom were deemed "reasonably suspicious" of having an STI.
  • 7. Egyptian Gods Part II: They Had One Job

    This week, Liz and Dakota take a look at some of the most infamous gods from the Egyptian pantheon.
  • 6. Egyptian Gods Part I: Selling Propane and Propane Accessories

    This week Liz and Dakota take a condensed look at ancient Egyptian religion, including some of their beliefs and practices.
  • 4. Aliens Part One: UFO Sightings

    With all the discussion on the interwebs about possible alien life, Liz and Dakota take this week to talk about the existence of aliens, and some famous UFO sightings that have occurred since WWII.
  • 3.1. 2023 Update

    This week is a quicky to give an update to changes coming to The Reluctant Historian