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  • Iran & Qatar's Masterplan Against Israel to Destroy the West

    Join Erika Grey as she reveals Iran and Qatar's masterplan to dominate the gas market and destroy the West's position.
  • Shocking Truth About EU Right Wing Surges

    Learn about the shocking truth behind the surge of right-wing parties in the EU, including the ECR party and the recent French elections. Stay informed and aware of the political landscape in Europe.
  • EU's Authoritarian Freakout over Victor Orban Putin Meeting

    In this video, we discuss the EU's reaction to Viktor Orban's meeting with Putin. Stay informed on geopolitics with Erika Grey! #Russia #News #ViktorOrban
  • Joe Biden is in Big Trouble Now

    In this video, we discuss why Joe Biden is in big trouble now, especially after the recent Trump debate. Stay tuned for the latest updates!
  • The Culprit Unmasked: Israel or Hamas Genocide

    Discover the truth behind the Israel and Hamas conflict in this eye-opening video with international law expert Pieter Hoogendoorn. Find out who is truly responsible for the ongoing genocide.
  • US Senate Committee on Global Threats-US Paranoia

    Join us as we unravel the intense testimony from the CIA Chief and defense intelligence heads before the US Senate Committee on Global Threats. Discover US gaslighting and US paranoia towards Russia and the truth about NATO's expansion. Don't forget to hit Subscribe for more eye-opening insights!