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Walking the World, with Chris Arnade

Photographer and writer Chris Arnade talks about his project of walking across foreign cities.

Recorded August 11, 2022


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    Art critic Kristian Vistrup Madsen discusses his essay on the 2000s, "Chains Or Whips? The Cruel Decade And Its Aftermath," in which he draws connections between Abu Ghraib, reality television, and Britney Spears to reflect on the culture of the Aughts.Recorded July 12, 2023.Follow Culturally Determined on Twitter @CulturallyDetLINKSKristian's essay, "Chains Or Whips? The Cruel Decade And Its Aftermath" on viral video of 2002 high school's website @aryehcw 
  • "The Vegan," a Novel, with Andrew Lipstein

    Andrew Lipstein discusses "The Vegan," his new novel about a hedge fund founder who has an unusual moral awakening after a dinner party prank he pulls goes disastrously awry. The novel considers artificial intelligence, Brooklyn mores, our relationship with animals, psychiatry, responsibility, and more.Recorded July 7, 2023LINKSAndrew's new novel, "The Vegan" Culturally Determined on Twitter @CulturallyDetFollow @ailipsteinFollow @aryehcw 
  • On Losing a Father and Finding Stoicism, with Tom Bissell

    Author Tom Bissell discusses his recent essay in Harper's, "Time Is a Violent Stream," about embracing Stoic philosophy after the death of his father. Why is Stoicism so useful during a time of crisis? What do contemporary popular books about Stoicism get wrong? Why do online reactionaries love Marcus Aurelius? Plus: Is Stoicism just for men?Recorded May 8, 2023Follow Culturally Determined on Twitter @CulturallyDetLINKSTom's piece, "Time Is a Violent Stream: On losing a father and finding Stoicism" Aurelius, "Meditations" Farnsworth's book, "The Practicing Stoic: A Philosophical User's Manual" Robertson's book, "How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius" @aryehcw
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    Ross discusses his recent essay disputing that Trump and MAGA are on the wane. Is MAGA even separable from Trump himself to begin with? How do the dynamics of the 2024 GOP primary differ from those of 2016? Plus: Critiquing reactions from both left and right to the subway killing of Jordan Neely.Recorded May 9, 2023Follow Culturally Determined on Twitter @CulturallyDetLINKSRoss's Substack's piece, "MAGA Is Here to Stay"'s piece, "The Tragedy of Jordan Neely"'s podcast with Raina Lipsitz @rossbarkanFollow @aryehcw 
  • Twitter Taught Us It Was Okay to Be Weird, with Phoebe Maltz Bovy

    Self-described "Extremely Online" writer and podcaster Phoebe Maltz Bovy joins Aryeh to ponder whether Twitter is finally really and truly dead. Phoebe talks about how she lost her bluecheck before it was cool, Aryeh explains why he's not eager to join the Twitter knockoff Bluesky, and they wonder whether anything could ever replace the site's mixture of usefulness, humor, chaos, and derangement. Plus: Aryeh shares how sad he gets when no one likes his cute cat pics.Recorded May 1, 2023Follow Culturally Determined on Twitter @CulturallyDetLINKSWilly Staley's piece, "What Was Twitter, Anyway?"'s podcast, "Feminine Chaos"'s podcast, "Bonjour Chai"'s newsletter, "Close-reading the reruns" @bovymaltzFollow @aryehcw