Welcome to Season 1 of the «LikeXR» podcast. We are making a show about the extended reality market. Throughout this season we would turn on a low-key mode, and talk to the top-notch experts from the Jaggernaught’s. And

LikeXR Podcast (7 episode) - Metaverse with Sergey Doronichev

Season 1, Ep. 7
Welcome to the LikeXR podcast season one about the extended reality market from people who really understand the industry. This week we are joined by Sergey Doronichev. Product Lead for AR/VR at Schlumberger. Liaison for the tech startup industry. Founder, YouTuber, dad.  Sergey defined Schlumberger’s product strategy for AR/VR apps. Launched several XR products. Managed execution across multiple SWE sites, stakeholder/customer/cross-function communication, and updates to C-level management. • Led product development, UX workshops, and broad exploration of AR/VR use-cases, resulting in 75+ prototypes, 5 patents, and 8 launched products. • Developed and launched “FracTetris”, an industrial product for outdoors layout planning using AR, VR, and drone tech. It has been used on more than 300 jobs in the first two years reducing the non-productive time by 80%. • Launched a company-wide training program in VR. Developed a prototype, got funding, and scaled deployment to 40 VR classrooms worldwide. Currently training hundreds of external and internal students per year. • Initiated and scaled adoption of AR glasses by ops teams in 7 countries leading to +50% efficiency for major use-cases. • Built a tech community with 1000+ active members. Organized international in-person and virtual tech conferences. • Organized a pipeline of media content creation, including blog posts, promo videos, and interviews with the tech leaders. • Acted as a liaison for the tech industry, sourcing and signing partnership deals, evaluating investments, and attracting talent.