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Annyeong, Tita!

Ep230: Top 10 Office Romance KDramas

Season 8, Ep. 230

If you are looking for a rom-com Kdrama relatable to your adulting problem, then your Tita got your back in this listicle episode again. In this episode, she shares her top 10 office romance Kdramas with you that will surely bring you kilig while inspiring you to get that promotion or VL. Echos!

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    It's time to talk about Mask Girl- the Kdrama that confused your Tita to the level of Confucius. Echos! Basta naguluhan sya sa mga nangyayari so magulo din itong episode na ito. Di nya sure if Kdrama pa ito or episode sa Ang Probinsyano (or is it Batang Quiapo now?).Follow me on social media:FB/IG/Twitter/TikTok: @annyeongtita
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    In another episode full of spoilers, your Kdrama Tita takes on the newest reincarnation-themed Kdrama in town. Ano nga ba ang take ng inyong Tita in this love story about a girl who gets reincarnated and has the ability to keep her memories from past lives? Bet din ba nyang mareincarnate kung sya ang bida? And why was she finally able to forgive Ahn Bo-hyun after three years? Listen again at your own risk to find out.Follow me on social media:FB/IG/Twitter/TikTok: @annyeongtita
  • 233. Ep233 KDrama Review: King The Land

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  • 232. Ep232 KDrama Review: Doctor Cha

    To end the season, hinabol talaga ng Tita nyo ang panonood nitong Kdrama na laging laman ng social media ngayon- Doctor Cha. What's in it nga ba at bakit sya pinag uusapan? Worth it bang sumama ulit sa Kdrama bandwagon? Deserve nga ba ang Kdrama na ito ng high ratings na natanggap? Well, ang Tita nyo huhusga. Echos! Sino ba naman sya para maghusga eh kanya-kanya tayo ng trip sa Kdrama?! Pero syempre ichichika nya ang kanyang opinion sa episode na ito so bahala ka na if makikinig ka ulit.Follow me on social media:FB/IG/Twitter/TikTok: @annyeongtita
  • 231. Ep231 KDrama Review: True to Love

    Your Tita is back with another Kdrama review and this time an Amazon Prime Original- True to Love. May kilig nga bang hatid itong romcom Kdrama na nahanap nya? At bakit nga ba sinabi nya na typical pero unique ang love story ng Kdrama? Para malaman ang sagot itext lamang ang NAUUBOSNAPERAKOSAKDRAMASTREAMINGAPPS to 2366. Echos!Hwag nyo na akong ifollow on social media:FB/IG/Twitter/TikTok: @annyeongtita