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How Discipleship Changed My Life

Season 1, Ep. 16

How discipleship changed my life - Discipleship 101

Regardless if you have just found God or if you have been building your relationship with God, if you are struggling to fit in and understand how to follow your faith, you are not alone.

In this episode, I'm going to be completely transparent to show you how to open your heart and mind to begin your path of discipleship. I answer many questions that you might not think are common questions to become the person you are designed to be.

The book I mention in this podcast has been picked up by a publisher and now has a new title... Look for ‘Come and See: The Jesus Approach to Equipping Biblical Disciples’

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  • 23. Finding Your Own Oil

    Join Lisa as she explores the depth of God's presence and the importance of cultivating a personal connection with the Holy Spirit. In this episode, Lisa discusses the themes of spiritual maturity, the difference between the body and the bride of Christ, and the significance of having your own oil. Discover how to move beyond merely feeling God's presence to truly knowing and embodying His character. Tune in for insights from upcoming books and practical wisdom on living an empowered, anointed life.Stay connected with Lisa:
  • 22. True Worship: From Borrowed Oil to Personal Revelation

    In this powerful episode, we delve into the profound conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well, as narrated in John 4. Using the Passion Translation, Lisa explores the longest recorded dialogue of Jesus in the Scriptures, highlighting the radical shift from traditional worship to worship that is anchored in the heart.Lisa invites us to move past surface-level spirituality and embrace a deeper, more authentic connection with God. This episode encourages listeners to find their own "oil"—a unique and personal revelation from God—by setting aside distractions and fully immersing themselves in His presence. Tune in for an episode that challenges and inspires, calling you to nurture a worshipful heart and experience God's presence in a profound way.Stay connected with Lisa:
  • 21. From Prison to Platform: Finding Freedom in Faith

    In this powerful episode, Lisa delves into the story of Paul and Silas from Acts 16:22-34, exploring how their imprisonment turned into a platform for God's glory. When faced with adversity, they chose to guard their hearts and praise God, transforming their prison into a place of worship and witness.Discover the profound lesson that no matter the chains or circumstances holding you captive, your joy, worship, and praise are your choices. Learn how to guard your heart and use your trials as a platform for God's work. Join Lisa as she uncovers the secrets to maintaining joy in the midst of trials, the power of worship in the midnight hour, and the transformative impact of inviting God into your mess.
  • 20. The Power of Your Tongue

    In this episode, Lisa shares insights on aligning our speech with the truth of God's Word. Discover how changing the way we speak about ourselves, our circumstances, and others can ignite a powerful transformation in our lives.From the biblical wisdom of James chapter 3 to practical applications in daily life, this episode offers a roadmap to harnessing the creative power of our words. Dive deep into the concept of speaking life, blessing, and truth, and witness the remarkable changes it can bring.If you're ready to experience a shift in perspective, elevate your speech, and unlock the full potential of your words, don't miss out on "The Power of Your Tongue" podcast episode! Stay connected with Lisa:
  • 19. Awakening to the Supernatural

    Join us on "Awakening to the Supernatural," where we delve into the transformative power of encountering God in a deeper, more intimate way. In this episode, Lisa explores how individuals are moving beyond mere religious familiarity into a vibrant relationship with the Holy Spirit. Drawing from Acts chapter 9, she reveals insights into Saul's conversion and how it parallels our own spiritual awakening.Through engaging discussions and insightful teachings, you'll discover the significance of the Holy Spirit's role in our lives and the supernatural manifestations that accompany a genuine encounter with God. Whether you're seeking deliverance from inner struggles or desiring a deeper connection with the divine, this podcast invites you to embrace the fullness of God's love and power. Join us as we awaken to the supernatural and embark on a journey of spiritual transformation and empowerment.Stay connected with Lisa:
  • 18. Trusting Without Borders

    Join Lisa as she delve into the theme of trusting without borders. Drawing from a heartfelt prayer to God and reflections on the biblical narrative of the Israelites, we explore the concept of trusting God beyond what we can see or understand. Through personal anecdotes and deep spiritual insights, Lisa unpacks the challenges of stepping into the unknown, confronting fears, and embracing a faith that transcends boundaries.New Book: Your West Side Story: connected with Lisa:
  • 17. Aligning the Body, Soul, and Spirit

    In this engaging session, learn about the importance of perceiving through the spirit rather than the flesh, and how this shift can lead to profound healing and growth. Explore the concept of aligning thoughts, emotions, and actions with the truth of God's Word, experiencing the freedom and authority to overcome toxic patterns and demonic influences.Stay connected with Lisa:
  • 16. Where Are You & What Time Is It?

    Explore kairos time beyond chronology, uncovering divine opportunities for growth and purpose alignment. Understand God's work in your life, and embrace bold responses to spiritual challenges. Delve into Esther's kairos moment, Adam and Eve's awakening, and the call to hear supernaturally and discern spiritual atmospheres. Tune in now for a transformative discussion on spiritual seasons and divine timing!Stay connected with Lisa:
  • 15. Rise Up: Unleashing the Supernatural

    Embark on a journey through Acts chapter 3 as Lisa uncovers profound truths about faith, partnership with God, and the power of stepping into the miraculous. Delve into the story of Peter, John, and the man at the temple gate, exploring the transformative impact of encountering God's touch.Discover how a simple invitation to "rise up and walk" sparked a chain reaction of faith, obedience, and emotional transformation. Challenge the status quo in your own life and embrace a mindset of expectancy and faith, knowing that every step taken in faith has the potential to manifest miracles.Join Lisa in this enlightening episode as she inspires you to leap into a new level of faith, walk boldly in God's promises, and experience the wonder of His transformative power.Stay connected with Lisa: