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On Deck with Stan Sy

S4E13: Why I Built My Brand Around Pro Wrestling

Season 4, Ep. 13

Yes, I'm a 32-year-old with a real career, and I love professional wrestling. I'm fortunate enough to have built my brand around my unapologetic fandom for this sport, and I'll tell you how that worked out for me on this week's episode! I also get into my thoughts on representation, and why that matters regardless of what medium/platform you're on. All of these stories and more are on deck!


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  • 12. S5E12: Stepping Into the Wish Bus with Rex Trinidad (DJ Adam of Wish 107.5)

    Ever wondered just what goes on in the Wish Bus, or even on Wish 107.5? Stan is pulling back the curtain with the help of his guest, Rex Trinidad, who goes on air for Wish 107.5 as DJ Adam! Rex candidly shares how he tried out for TV and radio about 50 times before he got his job on Wish, and how being part of this station has given him his dream career. He also describes the Wish Bus in detail and dishes the scoop on why everything sounds so clear and crisp, even when they're inside a (supposedly) moving vehicle! Strap in because all of Rex's stories (and more) are on deck!
  • 11. S5E11: The 2023 On Deck Mailbag Episode

    Stan's doing his own little AMA on this week's podcast, so in the words of WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes, what do you wanna talk about? He gets into some behind-the-scenes stories about how a radio's programming is put together, and recounts one of his most traumatic on-air experiences, the latter of which, he swears isn't his fault. Strap in because Stan's opening the mailbag and his stories are all on deck!
  • 10. S5E10: Reflections On My On-Air Anniversary

    Stan celebrated the anniversary of his first official show as a radio DJ last week, and even though he's not on the air anymore, the date remains special for so many reasons. He looks back on how he gets to scratch his radio itch these days and why the radio listening experience is ultimately incomparable. He also gets into the anxiety behind his comeback into the Philippine wrestling scene with Manila Wrestling Federation. Strap in because all of these stories (and more) are on deck!
  • 9. S5E9: The Last Voice on Mellow 94.7

    Indi Oconnor calls herself a radio lifer, but after a 25-year career on the air, Mellow 94.7 decided to retire its air staff. And now, for the first time, she has to find a day job post-radio. She gets unfiltered about what the entire experience has been like, while reminiscing about her career origin story, and her iconic run on-air as Samantha on the Phone (S.O.P.), who delivered the memorably sexy traffic updates on Boys Night Out on Magic 89.9. Strap in because this one's got some twists and turns, and it's all on deck!
  • 8. S5E8: Ang Imortal Na Tambalang Nicole Hyala at Chris Tsuper

    Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper return to the podcast, but this time, as a tandem! Stan picks their brain on what's kept their on-air partnership so fresh and relevant after 19 years. He also asks them how they've continued to make this work and how they don't get tired of one another after all this time! It's a real look at their dynamic behind the mic--and when the ON-AIR sign is off--and it's all on deck!
  • 7. S5E7: How Makoy Pare Went From Being a Lifelong Radio Fan To Exposing Celebs as Showbiz Bro

    Makoy Pare is one of the hosts of Machong Chismisan, the longest-running comedy podcast in the Philippines. But before that podcast came to be, he was Showbiz Bro, a straight guy whose on-air gimmick was to openly attack celebrities on the radio as Mo Twister's "attack dog" on his popular morning radio show. Makoy reflects on his run on the radio, which lasted a little over two years, how he built his brand and hustled to get partnerships, and what fulfilling this lifelong dream of being on the air means to him. He and Stan also get into the traumatic moment where their paths first crossed and how they've turned that into a warm friendship. All of these stories are coming in hot, and they're On Deck!
  • 6. S5E6: Usapang Sports Radio

    Jay Dela Cruz is a licensed engineer who changed careers well after passing the Board Exam and became one of the most sought-after public address announcers in Philippine sports, as well as one of the voices of the PBA's radio coverage! He shares his unlikely origin story with Stan, along with the differences between being a radio play-by-play commentator and a sports arena public address announcer, and also tells stories about what this career means to him. He also gets into his feelings on the word "barker," which has traditionally been used in the Philippines to refer to public address announcers. All of these stories and more are on deck!
  • Happy Easter!

    Stan is taking this week off to prepare for some upcoming sporting events that he'll be doing commentary for! April's going to be preeeeetty busy in the On Deck studios. But don't worry, we'll be back April 12 with an interview with PBA radio announcer Jay Dela Cruz.
  • 5. S5E5: How to Reach Radio Listeners in a Post-lockdown World

    Q Radio 105.1's Joelle is back on the pod to share the innovative way that their station built a community out of their listeners at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. She also gets into how they fostered a safe space for their listeners and the challenges that go into it, especially in the Wild Wild West known as the internet. Finally, now that we're slowly getting back to the way things were pre-lockdown, Joelle discusses how their station has adapted once again to maximize this new platform and community they've built. All these stories and more are on deck!