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  • The Global Month Ahead: Indian election, final session of the European Parliament, IMF and World Bank spring meetings

    On this month’s episode, Isabelle is joined by Senior Practice Director Thomas Gratowski, Senior Associate Ross Nugent, and Europe Director Tom White. Ross covers the upcoming Indian election, the organisation of the election process, Modi's prospects for re-election, the challenges faced by opposition parties, and India as an investment destination.Tom discusses the upcoming final plenary session of the European Parliament before the Parliament elections in June. He explores the key legislative files that need to be addressed, as well as expectations for what the next Parliament might look like.Thomas discusses the upcoming IMF and World Bank spring meetings and the economic context leading into the meetings. They explore the financial pressures on emerging markets and the IMF's lending activities.

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  • Global Month Ahead: Iranian elections, Russia's presidential election, UK spring budget

    On this month’s episode, Isabelle is joined by UK Country Director Alex Dawson, Senior Practice Director Thomas Gratowski and Practice Director Alexander Smotrov. Thomas covers the Iranian elections, including the role of the Assembly of Experts and the risk of public unrest. They also discuss the geopolitical context of the elections, particularly in relation to the Israel-Hamas conflict.Alexander discusses the Russian presidential election, exploring why Putin is still eager to hold elections, the potential impact of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the economic backdrop.Finally, Alex analyses the significance of the UK spring budget and how the Conservatives might use it to set a trap for the Labour Party.
  • Decarbonizing Europe: Navigating the policies and politics of energy in the EU Green Deal

    On this episode of the Global Counsel Podcast, Associate Director Anikó Zsebik is joined by Associate Katarzyna Nowacka and Associate Maude Bauman to discuss ongoing trends in EU energy, looking ahead to the next political cycle. They dive into recent shifts in EU energy policy, from focusing on energy security, to looking at decarbonization and competitiveness, their geopolitical drivers, and draw out what we can expect will be the next challenges for policymakers, both at European and national levels. They also touch upon what to expect for renewable energy markets, and upon other existential questions that have arisen as part of the EU's path to net zero in the energy sector.
  • Global Month Ahead: US presidential election, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Presidential election in Indonesia.

    Welcome back to the Global Month Ahead, Global Counsel's podcast on the events and stories that will define the month to come. In each episode, Global Macro Associate Director Isabelle Trick hears from different members of the GC team to preview the month's stories before they are in the headlines. On this month’s episode, Isabelle is joined by Erin Caddell, President of Global Counsel USA from Washington DC, Associate Magnus Obermann, in London and based in our Europe and Eurasia team, and our lead Indonesia analyst, Associate Dedi Dinarto from Singapore.Erin covers the upcoming US presidential election and the potential rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. He explores key dates and events in the election calendar, Biden's domestic and foreign policy priorities, the focus of a potential second Trump presidency in 2025, and the reasons behind Trump's popularity despite the controversies and criminal accusations. With the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine on the horizon, Magnus discusses its implications for the war, business, and international politics. He highlights how the war marked the return of geopolitics and its lasting impact on trade and investment. Finally, Dedi discusses the upcoming presidential election in Indonesia, scheduled for February 14th. He provides an overview of the three top candidates and their platforms, what it takes to win the election and what role outgoing President Joko Widodo is playing.You can listen to this podcast by clicking the link below. You can subscribe to the Global Counsel Podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, where you can also leave us a rating and a review.
  • Global Month Ahead: Davos 2024, Taiwan's presidential election, Italy’s G7 Presidency

    On this month’s episode, Associate Director Isabelle Trick is joined by Practice Director Alexander Smotrov to discuss what to expect at Davos 2024, Senior Associate Jiayu Li to discuss Taiwan's presidential election, and Senior Associate Giulia Pasquali for a lookahead at Italy’s G7 Presidency.
  • Global Month Ahead: EU-China Summit, Egypt’s presidential election, Brazil’s G20 presidency

    On this month’s episode, Associate Director Isabelle Trick is joined by Associate Director Alessandro Gangarossa to discuss the upcoming EU-China Summit, GC MENA Director Ahmed Helal to discuss December’s presidential election in Egypt, and Senior Associate Ed King to unpack how Brazil might use its time holding the G20 presidency.
  • China’s role in climate diplomacy and the green transition: in conversation with Chengyu Fu and Peter Mandelson

    In the lead-up to COP28 in Dubai, Global Counsel hosted a digital in-conversation between Global Counsel Chairman, Peter Mandelson, and Chengyu Fu, COP28 advisory committee member. Mr Fu has had over forty years of experience in the energy sector including as CEO of CNOOC, chairman of SINOPEC and a board member of the UN Global Compact.The discussion explores China’s pivotal role in climate diplomacy and the green transition. Drawing on his extensive experience as a business leader and an adviser to the Chinese government, Mr Fu shares his insights on green transition progress and opportunities in China. He reflects on his involvement at previous COPs and international gatherings to discuss what political and business leaders can do to succeed at COP28.