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Moving through our upper limits with Gay Hendricks

Today, in definitely one of my career highlights, I interviewed one of my favorite authors of all time Gay Hendricks!!!! I went to his house in Ojai  and we had the most amazing conversation in his living room about the fear of being seen, the upper limit problem, his 500 years life plan, and the healing power of love. 

The author of The Big Leap, Conscious Loving, and Zone of Genius, also shared the story of his own enlightenment, the moment he connected with his essence: the unprogrammed part of himself. 

Plus, Gay shared his thoughts on the education system, the power of identifying the things that scare us, his own zone of genius, and so much more. 

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Talk to me about this enlightenment moment you had at 24. What happened? (13:15)
  • What is a tangible next step for someone who is now in a place where they can identify the thing holding them back? What's the next step? (31:43)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Human beings have the power to reinvent themselves (11:34)
  • Gay's perspective on the upper limit problem (26:15)
  • Blame is the cocaine of relationships (35:42)
  • How can we differentiate the kinds of fear we feel (42:19)
  • Why are we so afraid of being seen (45:13)
  • What is wrong with our education system (53:03)
  • The best inbox in the world (58:28)
  • Love is the only power that can embrace its opposite (65:33)


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How to build your inner trust muscle and juggle multiple projects with Janet Isabelli

This week's episode is with one of my favorite humans on earth, Janet Isabelli. She is one of my yoga teachers (I HIGHLY recommend her classes), she is a fellow PR gal with her own agency, Isabelli Partners, that focuses in the hospitality space and is also a licensed real estate agent. Throughout our conversation, we explore Janet's upbringing, the massive role music played in her life, the moments she felt disconnected from her true essence, and the rock bottom she went through that helped her change her life. We also discuss how to distinguish how much is enough in business, how to let go of shame, where PR is heading, how we define excellence, and much more. Some Questions I Ask:What were you like as a kid? What was your essence? (1:36)Throughout your life, have you ever lost connection with your core essence? (9:51)How do you actually let go of shame? (37:41)In This Episode, You Will Learn:How performing can connect people beyond consciousness (5:23)About Janet's brutal disconnection from her true essence (14:40)Janet's first steps into personal growth and a harmonious life: nurturing her body and soul (21:03)The excuses the ego finds to keep us unorganized (24:21)About how yoga showed Janet the path back to herself (31:13)The things Janet had to unlearn to nurture a growth mindset (45:24)Connect with Janet on InstagramVisit Janet's websiteConnect with Sophie here: @sophieiweillFollow us on Instagram: @ActiveIngredient Connect with the community on Geneva: HERE