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The Romeo Show/RightWingMediaDotNet Radio Thanksgiving MusicFest (11-24-22)

The Romeo Show/RightWingMediaDotNet Radio Thanksgiving MusicFest (11-24-22)Romeo Hill and Scott Humm introduce 45 minutes of relaxing, yet inspirational holiday music for your listening pleasure. Originally, Romeo and Scott were going to introduce each song. But, after hearing the final audio mix, we agreed that the music we picked from (pun intended) from Pixabay.com, was so magical, that we could not make the show sound any better with us comically nattering on as usually, and that you would probably want to enjoy everything we present and all that you hear for yourselves! After a few Public Service Announcements, the sequence of music is as follows:--Christmas Story 60s Version 01, by Lesfm--Romantic Dinner, by ASSounds--Carol of the Bells, by Lesfm--Bar/Sad Calm Chillhop/Lofi Background Music, by SoulProdMusic--God the Eternal Christmas Background Music, by Lesfm--Sunday Mood, by FASSounds--Christmas Chill lofi Launge (IG Version 60s), by Lesfm--Restaurant Music, by Music For Videos--Relaxing Afternoon (full version) - Relaxing and easy piano music, by HarumachiMusic--Christmas Knocking to the Door, by Lesfm--Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring (Johann Sebestian Bach) (Full Orchestra) (3:40s), by 23843807--Celtic Spirits - Irish Bodhran Drums and Classic Guitar, by JuliusH--Christmas Corporate for Video (Long), by Daddy s Music--Cliffs Of Moher - Celtic Violin - Traditional Irish Music, by JuliusH--Christmas Atmosphere, by Lesfm--Faraway - Dreamy Folk Guitar Chill Out Music, by JuliusH--Romantic Bolero - Orchestra and Sax - Romantic South American Music, by JuliusH