B.T.W (Beginner to Winner) PvP Podcast


#64 - We're Back! A DinhoElMagico Story

Season 2, Ep. 64

We are back baaaabbbbyyyy, and doing the show live on Twitch. We got done after midnight so this is the end of the show notes. But we're back!!!!!

Special Thanks to Off The Post for our awesome theme music.

You can follow them on Instagram @offthepostband you may see a familiar face on there *wink wink*

Check out our mate FishOnAHeater and Pallet Town PvP


Finally, Our Stuff:

BTW Web Site: ***coming soon***

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/btwpvp

If you have suggestions, ideas or random things you want Astro to try and say email them to our Executive Producer matthewbraeker@btwpvp.com

You can email us at the following:

The Show: info@btwpvp.com

Astro: astrozombie954@btwpvp.com

Dinho: dinhoelmagico@btwpvp.com

Wildcat: wildcatdad17@btwpvp.com

Good Luck and Get Good!

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