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E49. Night Beat: The Bomb on Flight 63 (9/4/1952)

Season 1, Ep. 49

Join host, Carl Amari, for a radio re-broadcast of Night Beat. Featuring vocal talent by Frank Lovejoy.

In this series, Frank Lovejoy stars as Randy Stone, a reporter who covered the night beat for the Chicago Star, encountering criminals, eccentrics, and troubled souls. On each episode, listeners were invited to join Stone as he "searches through the city for the strange stories waiting for him in the darkness." Most episodes leaned towards suspense, crime and thriller themes, but Night Beat also featured occasional humorous or sentimental stories. Each episode ended with Stone at his desk as he finished typing a news story based on his latest exploits, and shouting for the copy boy to deliver his story to an editor.

Originally airing 9/4/1952, gather around for "The Bomb on Flight 63," with Randy Stone!

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