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E47. I Was A Communist for the FBI: Fifteen Minutes to Murder (6/7/1953)

Season 1, Ep. 47

Join host, Carl Amari, for a radio re-broadcast of I Was A Communist for the FBI. Featuring narration by Dana Andrews.

Did you know that The radio version of I Was a Communist for the FBI consisted of 78 episodes syndicated by the Frederick W. Ziv Company to more than 600 stations, including KNX in Los Angeles, California, with original episodes running from March 30, 1952, to September 20, 1953? The program was made without the cooperation of the FBI. However, real-life undercover agent Matt Cvetic detailed his stories and was portrayed by Dana Andrews. The show also had a budget of $12,000 per week, a very high cost to produce a radio show at the time.

Originally airing 6/7/1953, come one, come all, for "Fifteen Minutes to Murder," from I Was A Communist for the FBI!

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