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E45. Murder By Experts: The Dark Island (8/8/1949)

Season 1, Ep. 45

Join host, Carl Amari, for a radio re-broadcast of Murder By Experts. Hosted by John Dickson Carr.

In 1949, Mutual Radio brought Murder By Experts to its airwaves. Each week on Murder By Experts, listeners were treated to a crime story selected by an expert, typically a detective story author. Though these authors usually had little involvement in each episode's script and rather used their name as an endorsement, proclaimed mystery author John Dickson Carr came on to become the series host. As the series popularity amongst listeners of the period soared to further cement its legacy, Murder By Experts has since gone on to be recognized as one of the pinnacle radio mystery series of the era.

Originally airing 8/8/1949, gather around for this week's episode of "The Dark Island," on Murder By Experts!

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