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E39. Casey, Crime Photographer: The Piggy Bank Robbery (1/29/1948)

Season 1, Ep. 39

Join host, Carl Amari, for a radio re-broadcast of Casey, Crime Photographer. Featuring narration by Staats Cotsworth and Jan Miner.

For those who could not get enough of B-movie murder mysteries, Casey, Crime Photographer was the true radio equivalent. The series employed similar plot devices, such as the suspect about to reveal important information, ultimately to be shot and killed by the guilty party. Loose ends, disappearing corpses, a lack of clues, and too many suspects were the hallmarks of this show. Jack "Flashgun" Casey was played by Staats Cotsworth, a top-notch photo journalist for the fictional "Morning Express", who used his keen eye for detail to solve tough cases. Often recounting his assignments at the "Blue Note Cafe", a cozy-jazz bar in a great city populated by murderers, kidnapped victims, and ex-cons framed for crimes they didn't commit; listeners were treated to wonderful tales of detective adventure, as Casey tells them to his friends at the bar.

Originally airing 1/29/1948, gather around the radio for this week's episode of "The Piggy Banker Robbery," with Jack Casey!

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