The Film Detective Podcast

The Film Detective Podcast is your weekly source of nostalgia from the Golden Age of Radio. Hosted by Carl Amari, The Film Detective Podcast is placing the spotlight on the old-time radio era, revisiting the best classic radio programs that captivated households for decades. We're stepping back in time to the theater of the mind and (re)discovering the magic of old-time radio!

Carl Amari

Carl Amari is an audio, radio, film and podcast producer. He controls the rights to more than 50,000 hours of original radio programs. Amari is the host and producer of Hollywood 360, a nostalgia and showbiz radio show heard each week on 100+ affiliates and in 168 countries on American Forces Radio. His celebrity-voiced audio Bible projects include the #1 selling audio Bible of all time. He is a board member of the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago and the curator of the Classic Radio Club.