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  • 5. Bentley Priory Museum - Historic Mansion and Battle of Britain Headquarters Fighter Command

    As a regular attender of Bentley Priory Museum's excellent Friday Morning Talks, getting an opportunity to fully explore the site and speak with several of the people bringing the stories of the place alive was a real treat.Exploring a thousand years of history... priory, mansion house, royal residence, hotel, school, Headquarters RAF Fighter Command and Strike Command, and today's museum.For more:

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  • 4. Wartime Guildford - 80 Years Since Two Mustangs Collided Over Stoke Park

    In this Walk Through Time, we visit Guildford on the 80th Anniversary of an unfortunate collision between two RAF Mustang aircraft, which were on a training exercise over the Stoke Park area of the town, in the company of historian, writer, and long time Guildford resident, David Rose.For More:
  • 3. RAF Kenley - Voices From The Past

    Originally recorded for the Wings Museum podcast , in this episode of Walks Through Time we join the Kenley Revival Team for a guided walk around RAF Kenley, orally illustrated with extracts from memories of people who served there during World War Two... "Voices From The Past"Many, many thanks to Linda Duffield, the Kenley Revival Legacy Officer, and all the people who shared their own stories and memories with us. Useful
  • 2. Wings Museum near Balcombe, West Sussex

    In this second episode, we visit the Wings Museum near Balcombe in West Sussex. Their collection of World War Two related aviation artefacts makes for a fascinating visit, with many interesting stories to tell......
  • 1. Ditchling to Oldland Windmill

    A short walk from Ditchling takes me to Oldland Windmill where I catch up with some of the mill's volunteers to learn about the history of the mill, the restoration project, and, now that it is once again producing flour, the work that continues to keep it in running