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Ep. 126: Louisa Lavnea Thomas, Head of Business Development of Arton Capital

Ep. 126

Louisa Lavnea Thomas is the head of Business Development of Arton Capital. She champions the vision of empowering individuals and families to become Global Citizens. With her experience and skills in financial services, insurance, estate planning, residency, and wealth preservation, Louisa Lavnea Thomas plays a key role in providing bespoke service experience – simplifying complexities and paving the way efficient, effective, and responsible investments for Arton Capital’s stakeholders.

Atty Rocky Chan is the President of EnterPH, the Philippine representative of Arton Capital, a leading global citizenship solutions provider. Atty Chan is a seasoned lawyer and business leader who has a deep understanding of the complex laws and regulations surrounding immigration and citizenship. Under his leadership, EnterPH has been empowering individuals and families in the Philippines to become global citizens through its comprehensive suite of services and solutions. Whether it's through residency and citizenship programs or financial planning and investment advice, EnterPH helps clients achieve their goals and live life on their own terms. With Atty Chan's vision and guidance, EnterPH is making a meaningful impact in the lives of its clients and helping them achieve greater freedom and mobility.

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