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Ep. 125: Manny Ayala, Co-Founder and the Managing Director of Endeavor Philippines

Ep. 125

Manny Ayala is the co-founder and the managing director of Endeavor Philippines.

Endeavor is the leading global community of by and for high-impact entrepreneurs. They define high-impact entrepreneurs as those with the biggest ideas, the likeliest potential build business that matter and can scale, and the greatest desire to pay it forward by helping other entrepreneurs.

Endeavor is honored to unveil the Philippine Multiplier Map to showcase how Endeavor Entrepreneurs have reshaped the entrepreneurial ecosystem since their establishment in 2014. This year alone, they were able to generate over PHP 30 billion in revenue and have created 30,000 jobs. They continue to commit to guiding and motivating the next generation by reinvesting profits, expertise, and time to multiply the positive impact their individual enterprises have achieved.

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