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Ep. 123: Jungie Gumiran, CEO and founder of JUJU Lifestyle

Ep. 123

Jungie Gumiran is the CEO and founder of JUJU Lifestyle, a health, wellness and self-care company that offers supplements. JUJU caters to people with different lifestyles and believes that self-care shouldn’t be complicated. With their innovative way to take supplements—Drop, Fizz, Drink—it’s no hassle, can be carried everywhere, and can easily be infused with people’s lifestyles.

Their line of products are Juju Collagen, for youthful skin, stronger hair and nails; Juju Glutafair, a glutathione supplement for lighter and clearer skin; Juju Easyslim, a tablet that flushes out toxins, helps fight cravings and promotes a healthy diet; and Juju Easysports, a supplement to help re-energize and rehydrate your body. 

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