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Hidden Homophobia Part 1

Listen to this eye-opening episode about the subtle but harmful behaviors that impact our LGBTQIA+ friends. Learn about our hidden biases, microaggressions, and prejudices against the queer community and come up with solutions to help us become more aware and empathetic adults.


Meet the genderbread person:

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  • 101. Caring for the Cervix

    Cervical Cancer is highly preventable and easy to detect, but it still kills 11 Filipinas every day. dListen to Ob-Gynecologist Dr. Mina Alferez and Health Advocate Niña Corpuz as we find ways to talk more openly about this major health threat, care for our cervix, and ultimately save people's lives.Remember, there's always something that we can do. Sign this petition to help create a cervical cancer-free future:
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  • Hidden Homophobia Part 2

    Let’s expose some “well-meaning” behaviors that hurt, invalidate, or discriminate our LGBTQ+ loved ones.
  • Self-Care

    Here's how we can nurture our own well-being thru physical, psychological, and social care.Thanks to for taking care of this episode. ❤️
  • Easy Recipes

    Even the most self-sufficient adults can run out of ideas on what to eat, so we're sharing simple, affordable, tried and tested recipes that even kitchen-noobs can whip up at home!
  • Biggest Regrets

    Let's revisit our past (and possibly worst) mistakes and find ways to grow from them. 
  • Unpopular Opinions

    Unpopular opinions challenge mainstream beliefs and encourage us to think critically. Listen to this episode and see how these alternative viewpoints can spark meaningful conversations and lead to our growth as discerning adults.Learn about the British Council's Women In STEM Scholarships here the British Council on FB, IG, and Twitter @phbritish
  • Managing Microstresses

    Join us for an informative and actionable discussion on how to recognize and handle microstresses -- small, often unrecognized stressors -- in order to lead a healthier, more balanced life as adults.Learn about the British Council's Women In STEM Scholarships here: the British Council on FB, IG, and Twitter @phbritish