cover art for Rihanna at the Super Bowl!

Space Trash: Lifestyles of the Rich and Uranus

Rihanna at the Super Bowl!

Rihanna's performance BUMPS at the Super Bowl & the Astrology of our favorite "Anti" Pop-Star.

2:19 Ben & Jen Dunkin Donuts commercial crushes. Clueless ad nostalgia attempt falls flat.

6:30 "Special Guest" joins Rihanna on-stage during the Super Bowl half-time show confirming she's ASAPregnant. First impressions. Second impressions.This baby bumps! How did her live show(ing) with baby-on-board differ from her previous live performances? How does is compare to past pop-stars halftime shows? Is Rihanna a Woody Allen fan?


19:33 Molly’s twitter beef. 

26:00 Jay-Z Producer / "Business, man." The interplay (or lack of) between Jay-Z and his opposite muses, Pisces Rihanna & Virgo Beyonce. Miracle pregnancy / dancing sperm artistry & aesthetic. 

30:00 Pluto in Capricorn destroys then rebuilds new society & commerce throughout the course of Rhianna's 17-year career.

33:22 Pam-pod retractions: Baywatch is a great show and crusading Son, Brandon (aka STANdon) may just be trying to ensure his inheritance in the end. 

36:11 Fenty fashion. Johnny Depp walked in Savage x Fenty runway show. Why wasn’t Savage x Fenty represented in the halftime show? Could she be making a play for that maternity money? 

39:00 The dark side of Rihanna. Twitter mocking a 16-year-old fan who handmade her prom dress to Ri's batwing dress. Using racist jokes in her song CAKE to bully Chris Brown next girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. Not nice! 

42:00 Financials of Super Bowl half-time show. Talent unpaid. 

46:50 Rihanna’s Super Bowl set list as interpreted through the lens of an A$APregnancy Odyssey. Rihanna in Belfast. Pending artist renaissance to begin when Saturn moves into Pisces in March.

55:17 Rhianna Astrology: Pisces Sun / Aries Moon / Aries Rising ./ Aries Venus / Aries Jupiter / Aquarius Mercury / Lilith in Leo (& It’s Lilith Return Time!) / Chiron in Gemini 

1:05:47 A$AP Rocky astrology predicts big stay-at-home dad energy: libra sun /cancer moon. Pending artist renaissance begins when Saturn moves into Pisces in March.

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1:12:00 A$AP with cute baby pic & cute Blue Ivy style. Rihanna’s Mars-ruled moon avatar vs Beyonce’s Mars-ruled moon avatar. ASAP/Rihanna slow burn romance & relationship astrology. Also, Drake.

1:17:07 "Twin Flame" Taureans “Megan Kelly” (aka Megan Kelly and Machine Gun Kelly) spark breakup rumors when Megan follows Eminem on IG, posts a betrayal themed thirst trap, removes evidence of MGK on the grid, then ultimately deletes her instagram. Whatever the case may be, they will never be Britney K-Fed Chaotic or Pam Tommy performatively passionate, sorry.

1:23:00 Life after camcorders. Consumption culture. The Cloud. Suggested Pam & Tommy sex tape re-brand. 

1:26:21 Final Question: Generic collective dancing sperm or specifically Woody Allen Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask) sperm scene homage? 

1:28:17 @BadGirlRara on IG confronted by peer for appropriating Rihannas IG handle @BadGirlRiRi 

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