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Murdaugh Found Guilty, Judge Newman's Sentencing, Crime Scene Astrology

Welcome back to the DEPT OF CRIMINAL ASTROLOGY: Sara Armour is back with Desi Handal to bring you the latest on Alex Murdaugh, the Astrology of his crimes and guilty verdict.

00:00 Black candle protection ritual.Respectful disclaimer to the deceased. RIP. Murdaugh, Inc.

2:40 Legacy lawyer and “authorized volunteer” for the 14th Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office Richard Alexander "Alec" Murdaugh, 54, Double Gemini, is found GUILTY on all counts. After an extended, 6 week jury swiftly convicts on four counts: murder of his wife Mags Murdaugh, 52, Virgo, murder of his boy, Paul Paul Murdaugh, 22, Double Aries, and on two counts of possession of their weapons, during a crime. 

Judge Clifton Newman (Scorpio) sentenced Alec to life in prison x2 with no option of the death penalty. Murdaugh is facing another trial over a hilarious amount of financial crimes. If you want us to keep you posted, LET US KNOW! If want us to dig into this psychotic story further and/or want more law & crime coverage in general....

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7:46 The role the media may have played in the speed of the jurors conclusion despite instructions to not watch anything about the case or talk about the case with anyone. Judy Duty to serve! Housekeeping about the Housekeeper: Alec did not steal $400k from the Satterfield boys, he stole $4M from the Satterfields.

12:20 “Family Annihilator.” Effective or nah? Motion to formally add “Murdaugh” into Websters dictionary.

14:42 The v. honorable Judge Clifton Newman schools Alec Murdaugh and sentences him to prison for life x 2.

32:29 Alex Murdaugh, disgraced Gemini, makes his final declaration of innocence. "Hurting" "borrowing" "innocent" and the Gemini art of tricky language. Is Homicide excused by mental illness? How much does "money" a play a part in murder-suicides? Exploring the dark side of human nature. Was this a Mercy killing in Alex’s mind?

42:00 Comedy dental work update. Gateway drugs. Will the court re-hang the giant portrait of Randolph Murdaugh Sr. now that his Great-Grandson’s double-murder trial has concluded? Saturn in Aquarius & Pluto in Capricorn at the 29th degree aka this is era ending astrology. Sign up now to join us at The Moonual (Moon Ritual) Monday (3/5 9pm est) to discuss further in zoom-commoonity! Sara takes a painkiller!

49:55 Buster (Aries ) testimony highlights. Sara’s theory on the random final location of Maggie’s phone.

1:07:58 Murder Motivations. Nepo-criminals. Where was Curtis Eddy Smith during the murder? How is cousin Eddy the one who came out of this on top? 

1:27:20 Crime scene astrology analysis & Alex's chart at the scene of the crime.

1:37:00 Concentrated presence of "Evil" 18th & "murderous" 22nd degrees in crime scene and Alec, Paul Paul, and Mags's charts.

Conviction astrology chart vs. crime scene astrology chart. Implications of Mercury Rx in a crime scene chart. Mars in Gemini story that started in Aug 22 and how it’s playing out in the resolution of the Murdaugh Murders & in your own life! Join us on zoom Monday (3/6) to learn more!!

1:44:41 Cosmic context of this grand finale of Pluto in Capricorn.

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