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Jennifer Lopez’s “This Is Me… Then: A Love Story” Now… With Us: Today

If it’s true, that in every relationship, there is a flower and a gardener in the case of traveler who is the Flower and who is the gardener? Bennifer right 1.2 same question is Jen the Flower or the gardener?

Are Leo’s generally more likely to be flowers or Gardners in their relationships? 

This is Me…Now: A love story … lol … a both critical and astrological review either your hosts Molly Mulshine & Sara Armour 

Key Takeaways:

  • The film is an hour-long music video linking together songs from Lopez's new album 
  • It focuses on her relationship with Ben Affleck, framing it as her one true love
  • Overall the film lacked a strong narrative and felt a bit self-indulgent 
  • Affleck seemed detached from the project and gave Lopez minimal creative feedback 
  • The $20 million budget was excessive for what the final product was 


Film Concept and Execution

  • The film strings together music videos for Lopez's new album into an hour-long extended video 
  • It centers on Lopez's relationship with Ben Affleck, portraying it as her one enduring true love
  • The narrative structure is loose and dreamlike rather than having a defined plot
  • Much of the imagery is CGI and fantastical rather than relatable scenes
  • The overall concept comes across as self-indulgent and naval-gazing 
  • Affleck's Involvement and Feedback
  • Affleck seemed detached from the project creatively 
  • He provided little actual feedback to Lopez on the film's direction 
  • His main advice was procedural - "write it then film it" 
  • After viewing the final cut, his praise was lukewarm, saying she "made a film for herself" 

Budget and Financing:

  • The film's budget was $20 million, very high for what the final product was 
  • Lopez had trouble getting financing because the concept was too "wacky" 
  • She ended up self-financing after studios declined to back it 
  • The budget could have likely been 10x lower by using up-and-coming talent

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