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Ariana Grande part 2: Ethan Slater’s astrology

Greetings Trashlings! Welcome back to Space Trash podcast with cosmic comedians Molly Mulshine & Sara Armour!

A few pieces of housekeeping re: the Babie movie, Bravo’s Below Deck: Down Under, and the transformational nature of water signs, before we dive in to Ethan “SpongeBob” Slater’s natal chart.

4:10 The sometimes-devastating power of Cancer energy. Moving around obstacles & with the flow. Is it possible to “steal” someone else’s partner? Are earth signs low-key the most vulnerable? Ariana Grande’s relationship strategy: thank you next career move. 

17:02 Ethan Slater Astrology: Gemini Sun (exactly conjunct Venus & Mercury), Moon in Cancer. 

Ethan Slater & Ariana Grande relationship astrology : double south node conjunct Sun synastry indicating a high-level of soul recognition, comfort, and familiarity. Will it last? 

Does cheating always lead to divorce? Even if you cheat with your lists #1 celebrity crush? Should people always admit when they cheat?

— plus he’s a TONY nominee for a nickelodeon musical! Prediction? Ari’s going back to her Broadway roots!

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    Comedians Molly Mulshine & Sara Armour are back with the latest in music news!Ayo Edebiri is forced to break her “silence” on "SNL" after unearth podcast commends from years ago resurface calling musical gues Jennifer Lopez's music career "One long scam.” Should Molly and Sara throw in the towel? NO! This confrontation is a good thing for everyone! Trash your idols! Manifest your future! Masters of Air on Apple TV - bad accents good show!Now on to the Grammys:Taylor Swift wins Grammy number 13 and announces her 11th album 'The Tortured Poets Department’ during her acceptance speech. Is this title a Joe Alwyn sub-dig? Why department not club? Fashion is in a weird place. Was Taylor’s ‘fit a nod to Princess Katherine in hopes of a future Coronation gig? Taylor Swift drags a reluctant Lana Del Rey on stage with her to accept Best Album. Is Lana ok? Why is everyone giving her remedial support? A hot trash prediction re Taylor Swift Travis Kelce’s possible gender-bending power future. Celine Dion and Mariah Carey's cameos & their weird French-Canadian husband-daddies compared Taylor Swift's next Album "The Tortured Poet's Depa" to be realized on April 19 which is both national cat lady day as well as they day America broke up with London boy, for good. Jay-Z comments on Beyonce album of the year snubs while also noting she has more Grammys than anyone soooooo... Miley Cyrus won her first and second Grammys, looked awesome and takes an obvious swipe at her dad. Billy Ray Cyrus' weird new marriage Trevor Noah didn't bomb! Stay Hydrated! Leave a nice 5-star review on Apple Podcasts, if you have a soul!Do you love the pod!? Do you want to support your hosts!? Do you want private unedited no holds barred bonus episodes!?Join the Patreon!
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    Cosmic comedians Molly Mulshine & Sara Armour meet under the Leo Full Moon to discuss the Oscar's Barbie Backlash as Greta Gewig & Margot Robbie were both "snubbed." PLUS - Yay Gay Renee Rap & Margaret Qualley loves New Jersey! Join the click to join us tonight at The Moonual for our Leo Full Moon Zoom Ritual! Free!
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