cover art for S6 Ep. 15: The Intimacy of Connection: From Betrayal to Trust

Project Loving Myself

S6 Ep. 15: The Intimacy of Connection: From Betrayal to Trust

Season 6, Ep. 15

Step into a profound exploration of trust, intimacy, and the aftermath of betrayal. Understand the hidden links between trust and emotional connection while discovering the consequences of broken trust in relationships. If you've faced betrayal or are seeking guidance, this episode provides valuable insights and encouragement.

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  • 172. Ep. 172: The #NoFilter Way of Feeling Good About Yourself

    Ever feel like the camera hates you? I used to cringe at every photo of me, but it wasn't about the camera—it was about how I saw myself.In this episode, we’ll tackle how harsh self-judgment impacts our lives. I’ll share how a simple reframing helped me shift from self-criticism to self-compassion. Discover how to apply this powerful change in your own life and start feeling good about yourself—no filters needed!P.S. I'm inviting you to my free Love Block Effect: How to Love Without Pain webinar on Saturday, July 27, from 5-6:30pm GMT+8. Discover how you can clear your love blocks and transform your relationships. Register here:
  • 171. Ep. 171: The 60-Second Shift: Letting Go of Hurt and Pain

    Imagine this: you're upset at someone, they hurt your feelings and caused you pain. Now imagine that in 60seconds, it's all gone. Ready to lighten your emotional baggauge? In this episode, we’ll explore how to let go of hurt and pain using my 60-second shift technique.I’ll share personal insights and practical tips to help you embrace forgiveness and let go for those who have caused you pain. Discover how to release those emotionally charged feelings and truly free yourself from the hurt. Tune in for actionable strategies to move forward with ease!Ready to go deeper? Download my 5 Powerful Questions cheat sheet and learn how to coach yourself through life's challenges.Picture this: you're feeling hurt by someone's words or actions. Now, imagine letting it all go in JUST 60 seconds.If you're ready to lighten your emotional load, join me to discover how to make the 60-second shift to release hurt and pain, allowing you to embrace forgiveness and find peace of mind.Wanna improve your self-healing skills? Download my 5 Powerful Questions cheat sheet now and learn how to ask yourself the right questions to live your life purposefully.
  • 170. Ep. 170: Are Love Blocks Ruining Your Relationships?

    Let’s talk about those hidden barriers that might be sabotaging your relationships—love blocks.Whether you're single, in a relationship, or dating, this episode is for you. We’ll explore what love blocks are, how they impact your relationships, and how to do the inner work to release them.Want to dive deeper? Try out my Love Blocks quiz to find out what might be holding you back from finding love.
  • 169. Ep. 169: The PLM Guide to Building Better Boundaries

    If you’re still struggling to set boundaries, you’re doing it wrong. Imagine waking up feeling empowered and confident in your ability to set boundaries that protect your peace. This isn't just about learning to say no; it's about showing people how to respect you. In this episode, we’ll talk about how setting boundaries too high can isolate you while setting them too low can leave you vulnerable. By the end of this episode, you’ll have practical tools to find that perfect balance and make sure your boundaries work for you.Are you struggling to communicate? 👉 Learn how to turn conflict into connection in the Conscious Communication Blueprint and start improving your relationships today!
  • 168. Ep. 168: Embracing Flow: Redefining Success for High-Achieving Women with Marie-Elizabeth Mali

    Join me in this episode with powerhouse Marie-Elizabeth Mali as she delves into the secrets of self-love, biohacking, and intuitive decision-making. You'll get actionable insights about listening to your body, mastering the stages of flow, and tapping into your inner wisdom, so you can seamlessly transition between work and life while staying true to who you are. Plus, discover your unique female archetype with Marie-Elizabeth's Wise Woman Power Quiz.
  • 167. Ep. 167: Can Online Dating Lead to Your Soulmate? Expert Tips to Craft Your Profile and Navigate Rejection

    The endless swipes, crafting the perfect profile, dealing with ghosting – online dating is draining. In this conversation with dating coach Alyssa Dineen, you'll discover how to create a dating profile that stands out, learn proven strategies to handle rejection without losing your confidence, and gain practical tips to make online dating a more rewarding experience. Plus find out how she went on 100 dates, dating online, before finding her soulmate! For more information about Alyssa Dineen and her work, visit her website at
  • 166. Ep. 166: Crushing Imposter Syndrome: Mastering Your Inner Game

    Do you ever feel like you're not good enough despite all of your accomplishments? Imposter syndrome can make even the most successful people doubt their worth.In this episode, I'll share insights, strategies, and mindset shifts to help silence your inner critic. We'll explore where imposter syndrome comes from, how it manifests, and actionable steps to help build up your self-confidence.Ready to take it a step further? Sign up for my FREE program, Unleash Your Inner Goddess, and start confidently bringing your best self forward in every interaction.
  • 165. Ep 165: Why Are You Really Angry? Discover the Hidden Truth

    Feeling frustrated and can’t figure out why? Sometimes, the emotions we struggle with are not as clear-cut as they seem. Let's talk.In this episode, we're tackling those moments when anger bubbles up at the people closest to you. No more dodging nor hiding your emotions around the issue. It's time to confront your anger head-on and learn to navigate it like a pro.Ready to uncover what’s really behind your angry feelings? Ask yourself these 5 Powerful Questions to gain better insight and express yourself in healthier ways.
  • 164. Ep 164: How Saying No Can Get You Everything You Want

    Stuck in a situation that just doesn’t feel right, but you’re too afraid to walk away? What if I told you that saying 'no' is actually how you can get everything you want? We'll talk about setting boundaries and knowing your true value, so you can spot when you're settling for less. Plus, we'll uncover the price of staying put and how saying 'no' can flip the script.Ready to stop settling and start living authentically? Grab your free gift - 5 Powerful Questions at - to explore how these powerful insights can transform your life.