cover art for S6 Ep. 11: Do You Believe in Soulmates?

Project Loving Myself

S6 Ep. 11: Do You Believe in Soulmates?

Season 6, Ep. 11

Is finding your soulmate a real thing or just an urban myth? Join me as we uncover the secrets to soulmates and manifestation! From personal transformations to soulmate stories that went viral, this episode with reveals the journey from heartbreak to self-love and the magic of attracting the right kind of love.

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    Healing from past relationships can be a challenging journey, but with strategies to let go, forgive, and embrace self-love, you can rediscover love within yourself and in future relationships. Join me as we explore the power of healing to embrace a brighter and more loving tomorrow.Get ready to ditch the past and embrace the future in your relationship! Join our Relationship Detox Mini Course:
  • 13. S6 Ep. 13: Everyday Wellbeing with Stephanie Zubiri

    To keep up with the demands of daily life, author, journalist, and social media personality Stephanie Zubiri has now embarked on a quest for holistic well-being. In this episode, Stephanie shares her insights on going with the flow of life, learning from our mistakes, and seeking growth and healing in the most ordinary moments.On a Project Loving Myself journey? Join and get EXCLUSIVE access to inspirational content, exciting freebies, and VIP access to my latest news!
  • 12. S6 Ep. 12: Is Your Relationship Toxic?

    Stuck in a relationship that's slowly draining your happiness? Sometimes, you can get so accustomed to the relationship chaos that you don't even realize it's toxic! Tune in as we uncover relationship red flags and identify actionable steps to reclaim your happiness. Not sure if your relationship is toxic? Take the Toxic Relationship Quiz to find out, and start steering clear of the red zone.
  • S6 Ep. 10: People Hurt Us to Help Us

    Paradigm shift alert! In this episode, we’ll dive into the intriguing concept of soul contracts - pre-life agreements we’ve made with others - so you can understand your relationship challenges in a whole new light. When you learn to accept the powerful truth that people hurt us to help us grow, you break free from blame and victimhood, unlocking the path to genuine personal growth.Are you ready to welcome loving and meaningful relationships into your life? Sign up for the FREE Relationship-Ready Challenge! Check it out on:
  • 9. S6 Ep. 9: The Healing Power of Ho'oponopono

    Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of healing where you take responsibility for everything happening in your life, which gives you a sense of power over the situation. By practicing the Ho'oponopono method, you can heal hurt and betrayal quickly and easily, replacing your negative emotions with love, forgiveness, and gratitude. Catch this episode to liberate yourself from your suffering by taking responsibility for your life through the practice of the Ho'oponopono prayer.Need some extra help? Grab your free guide From Chaos to Calm on this link I put this guide together to help you navigate your emotions! Use the tips in this guide then apply the Ho'oponopono method to complete your healing. And then you're all good! Yehay!
  • 8. S6 Ep. 8: Self-Care vs. Self-Love with Kim Reyes-Palanca

    Beauty, wellness, and lifestyle writer/editor Kim Reyes-Palanca challenges the notion that beauty is only skin deep as we explore the various elements that shape our perception of beauty. From the historical significance of beauty to its true essence that radiates from within, we redefine what it means to be beautiful. Embrace your unique qualities, nurture your well-being, and embark on a journey of self-love and self-acceptance. This is Project Loving Myself, empowering you to embrace your beauty, inside and out.
  • 7. S6 Ep. 7: Unlocking Luck with Lucky Girl Syndrome

    Want to feel more lucky, like everything always works out for you? Introducing...Lucky Girl Syndrome! This viral TikTok trend is all about harnessing the power of manifestation and positive affirmations to invite good fortune into your life. Join me to unpack this concept, its benefits, and uncover practical strategies to rock Lucky Girl Syndrome.We'll explore the science behind affirmations and learn practical strategies to enhance your luck. Here's your chance to take control of your destiny and unlock the magic of luck.Tired of the emotional rollercoaster? Grab your free copy of From Chaos to Calm, a guide to 5 essential tips that will direct you toward finding your inner Zen.
  • 6. S6 Ep. 6: Insights on Mental Health & Wellbeing with Anna Fries

    Struggling to make sense of your emotions and feeling lost in the whirlwind of life's challenges? You are not alone! This enlightening episode features the incredible Anna Fries, who shares her passion for mental health and fearlessly unravels her personal experiences with emotional struggles, even in a culture where these topics might still be seen as taboo, especially in the Philippines.Together, we explore the connection between childhood experiences and emotional regulation, while Anna generously imparts practical tips for navigating overwhelming emotions. Through her candid revelations, we'll be reminded that the pursuit of mental health is a collective journey, and by supporting each other, we can create a more compassionate and empathetic society.Need help? Here is a guide to get you from From Chaos to Calm on the rollercoaster of life's ups and downs. Download my 5 essential tips to navigate life now on