Project Loving Myself


S4 Ep. 24: Attracting Love with Date Coach Vee

Season 4, Ep. 24

On this season 4 finale episode, we bring you Date Coach Vee who shares how dating is a skill that can and should be learned when you are looking for love. But this ain't an episode just for the singles, because the conversation quickly turns to how dating is simply a form of communication between two people. 

Communication between individuals is successful when you are clear about what you want and you are able to express it in a way that is understood by others. Coach Vee shows us how bein clear about what you want helps you choose the right mate while putting out the right signals invites what your want into our life.

Listen in on this fascinating conversation on communication and dating, drawing inspiration from Coach Vee's stories and knowledge. Follow @projectlovingmyselfpodcast and @sanaiyahgurnamal for more tips. 

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