Cyclist Magazine Podcast

From the team behind Cyclist Magazine, this is a podcast for lovers of all things cycling, whether you’re a sucker for a sportive, a carbon fibre connoisseur or just Bernard Hinault’s biggest fan.

Hosts James Spender and Emma Cole bring you in-depth conversations from within the world of cycling by the people that know it best, with new episodes every other Thursday. Guests have included the likes of Greg LeMond, Tyler Hamilton, Sean Kelly, Krishnan Guru-Murthy and more.

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James Spender

James Spender is Cyclist magazine's deputy editor, which is odd given he barely knows what a verb is, let alone how to conjugate one. But he does really, really love bikes, particularly taking them apart and putting them back together again and wondering whether that leftover piece is really that important. James is one half of the Cyclist Magazine Podcast, and if he had to pick a guest to go for a drink with, he'd take Greg LeMond. Or Jens Voigt. Or Phil Liggett. Hang on... that's a harder choice than it sounds.