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Episode 113: A Survival Guide for Aspiring Creatives

Ep. 113

Hold up. What's this?

Some random artist made a Facebook comment. It's about what's an artist and what isn't.

Boom! Artist all over the Philippines had violent reactions. The whole thing blew up!

And we're here now to give you our thoughts about this rather thorny subject. Could two weeks of a little R&R really be that bad?

Aside from this, we're giving you unsolicited advice on how to make it as an artist in this Third World Country.

Perk up your ears, podpals, and doodle while you listen to another brain-stimulatin' telebabad session.

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  • 122. Episode 122: TeleTravels - Batanes

    It’s the start of a brand new year! Join us as we took our first trip of 2024 to the rugged coastlines of Batanes—the smallest province in the Philippines, the Home of the Winds!We talk about our beautiful hotel Fundacion Pacita, the delicious food (beef and seafood galore!), and the many sights our tour guide brought us to.In between these stories, we reflect on whether we’re city or country folks at heart, and why the Philippines gets the bad rap for being an ugly country.C’mon, c’mon, podpals! Let’s head on over to Batanes.