Celebrity Book Club with Steven & Lily


Rudolf “Viennese Rascal” Bing

Put on a coat and tails, darling—it’s opening night! We’re singing the praises of infamous Metropolitan Opera manager Sir Rudolf Bing and his salacious 1972 tell-all “5000 Nights at the Opera.” From Marias Callas’s shocking diva requests to snooze-worthy Eisnehower, New York’s gossip clowns, getting murdered on stage, inventing Google Calendar and how to find a good mezzo soprano in Nazi Germany, it’s a good thing you have season tickets! 

And, coming Friday in the VIP Lounge—Steven attends an It Girl party with Julia Fox, the power of Bud Light Next, a review of Dimes Square institution Cervos, and Lily parties in Old Baku.

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