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Star Trek: Picard (Season 2, Eps 9 - 10), the new Obi Wan trailer, & more!

Ep. 72

This week, Swapna and Preeti obsess over the Picard & Q journey, and break down all that incredible character work in the last two episodes of Star Trek: Picard season 2. They also talk about the Percy Jackson casting, that horrible Saved by the Bell reboot news, and the last Obi Wan trailer.

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Erasing the Orientalist yellow filter: Why Moon Knight's SWANA representation is a step in the right direction:

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Recommended Next Generation episodes for Wesley Crusher:

“Where No One Has Gone Before” and “Journey’s End”

Recommended Enterprise episodes for Arik Soong: “Borderland”

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Interview: Sona Charaipotra, How Maya Got Fierce

Preeti interviews YA Author Sona Charaipotra all about her latest release, HOW MAYA GOT FIERCE. They talk about all the important things: publishing, writing, representation, and of course, FOOD. About the HOW MAYA GOT FIERCE: How Maya Got Fierce(Fiewel & Friends/Macmillan) follows 17-year-old California farm girl Maya, who should be at Cow Camp but instead accidentally scores her dream job atFiercemagazine. Only problem? They think she's 25—and her parents would kill her if they found out.About Sona Charaipotra: Sona Charaipotra is the author of Symptoms of a Heartbreak and How Maya Got Fierce, and co-author of Rumor Game and Tiny Pretty Things, now a Netflix original series. She earned her Masters in screenwriting from NYU and an MFA in creative writing from the New School. A working journalist, Sona has held editorial roles at People, TeenPeople,, MSN, the Barnes & Noble Teen Blog (RIP), and, most recently,, where she is senior editor of Trends and Features. She contributed to publications from the New York Times to TeenVogue. She is a former We Need Diverse Books board member, and co-founded CAKE Literary, a boutique book packager. Find her on the web talking about books, Bollywood movies, and chai.Follow Sona on Twitter, Instagram, & TikTok. Episode links: Desi Geek Girls patreon: Spider-Man’s Social Dilemma:’s TikTok: Out, Episode 1:'s WIRED column: