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Interview: Sandeep Parikh & Jasmine Bhullar, DesiQuest

Creators, writers, actors, and all around desi geek icons Jasmine Bhullar & Sandeep Parikh stop by the podcast to talk all about DesiQuest. DesiQuest is a high-quality actual play Dungeons & Dragons show featuring an all South Asian cast,

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Sandeep Parikh is a multidisciplinary entertainer and filmmaker. As an actor he’s appeared in popular shows like The Guild, New Girl, Californication and Community. He’s also writer and director of several digital series including the award winning interactive comedy That Moment When, Comedy Central’s The Legend of Neil, and most recently, the interactive comedy Wizard School Dropout. He wrote on and voice acted on Glitch Techs for Netflix/Nickelodeon. He’s founder and Chief Creative Officer of diversity-focused comedy house EffinFunny. @SandeepParikh @EffinFunny

Jasmine Bhullar is an actress, internet personality and content creator. She is the mind behind Geek & Sundry’s Vampire: The Masquerade Starter Kit, DnDBeyond’s Battle 4 Beyond and Dimension 20's Coffin Run. Jasmine has helped bring to life monsters, maidens, and rogues like Reva for Critical Role, Betty for World of Darkness’s Seattle By Night, and Beryl from Relics & Rarities on Geek & Sundry. She is currently writing and developing for Critical Role as well as Into the Motherlands. @ThatBronzeGirl

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