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Tasting Star of Bombay

Season 5, Ep. 8

Welcome to the Gin & Topic Tasting Room

This week we're tasting Star of Bombay with our guest Annabel Collinson, Business Partner & Director of Content at Visions of Soon


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  • What we had & What we heard

    Celebrating the end of the series with a little team get togetherAnd the rare sound of Ben's voice!Join us as we sip our various tipples and chat about the gins and the topics that we've enjoyed this seriesCheers
  • Extra Shots & Bloopers

    Of course we couldn't end a series without a few extras.So here's some extra shots from a few of the episodes and our bloopers along the way.EnjoyCheers!
  • 8. Star of Bombay & Climate Change

    Do our actions really matter for combating climate change?Sarah hopes they bloody do given how much effort she puts in and the crazy ideas she comes up with to make us more sustainable.But what about Áine and other young people, how can we keep them engaged when faced with doom and gloom all the time? Can a positive focus help guide them to be more sustainable? If so how? That’s what we will be discussing this week with our guest, Annabel Collinson, Business Partner & Director of Content at Visions of SoonAnd we’ll be pairing this with a little Star of BombayCheers
  • 7. Heart of Suffolk Ivy's Gin & Teaching

    Why do teachers leave education?Does it have anything to do with gin?Well in case of this weeks guest, the answer is yes! But not in the way you think.We’re talking with Ryan Luke, an ex teacher and now Managing Director of Heart of Suffolk DistilleryExploring all the reasons why he and others have left or are leaving educationAnd of course we’ll be drinking some of his gin too, Ivy’s gin to be precise.Cheers
  • 7. Tasting Heart of Suffolk Ivy's gin

    Welcome to the Gin & Topic Tasting RoomThis week we're tasting Heart of Suffolk’s Ivy’s Gin with our guest Ryan LukeCheers
  • 6. Pangolin & Pangolins

    Why chose one Pangolin when you can have two!And we need all the Pangolins we can get right now.But what exactly is a Pangolin and why should we protect them?That’s what our guest Charles Emogor, a phd candidate from the University of Cambridge, is going to tell us all about.And we’ll be doing our bit to help the Pangolin by drinking some Pangolin Gin.Cheers
  • 6. Tasting Pangolin

    Welcome to the Gin & Topic Tasting RoomThis week we're tasting Pangolin Gin with our guest Charles EmogorCheers
  • 5. Bombay Premier Cru & Distilling Gin

    See a bottle of Bombay, pick it up, all the day you’ll… wonder how they manage to make it consistently good for you to sup.Luckily for you our guest this week is Dr Anne Brock, Master Distiller at Bombay Sapphire. So she can enlighten us or the process of distilling gin, how they manage to create the same quality consistently and with growing demand, as well as , crafting something new during interesting times, and responding to climate challenges.You couldn’t get a more perfect episode for World Gin Day.Cheers