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Tasting Slake Sussex Dry

Season 3, Ep. 5

Welcome to the Gin & Topic Tasting Room

This week we're tasting Slake Sussex Dry


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  • 5. Bombay Premier Cru & Distilling Gin

    See a bottle of Bombay, pick it up, all the day you’ll… wonder how they manage to make it consistently good for you to sup.Luckily for you our guest this week is Dr Anne Brock, Master Distiller at Bombay Sapphire. So she can enlighten us or the process of distilling gin, how they manage to create the same quality consistently and with growing demand, as well as , crafting something new during interesting times, and responding to climate challenges.You couldn’t get a more perfect episode for World Gin Day.Cheers
  • 5. Tasting Bombay Premier Cru

    Welcome to the Gin & Topic Tasting RoomThis special week leading up to World Gin Day we're tasting Bombay Premier Cru with our guest Dr Anne BrockCheers
  • 4. Hendricks & Microbes

    Do you remember learning about the amoeba? Nothing really interesting, just a single cell stepping stone in evolution, yeah?Well, we’re discovering just how interesting these single cell microbes can be. Like ones made of glass, ones with tentacles, ones that know when they are up or down. And we especially like the ones with tiny mouths that eat as if their are slurping spaghetti.Join us and our guest, Dr Geonoveva Esteban, Professor of Microbial Ecology at Bournemouth University, as we explore the mind blowing world of microbes.Gin definitely needed.Cheers
  • 4. Tasting Hendricks

    Welcome to the Gin & Topic Tasting RoomThis week we're tasting Hendricks with our guest Dr Genoveva EstebanCheers
  • 3. Ten Legs & Augmented Humans

    Ten Legs, Three Thumbs, Wings, Horns, Extra arms, How would you augment your body?This week we’re talking with Dani Cloud, an augmentation and upper-limb prosthetics designer. And as well as exploring the extra things we might all like to add to our bodies, we’ll be asking Can your brain adapt to wearing an extra thumb? Could adding a heartbeat into a prosthetic arm change the wearers response to it? & What if instead of an arm, you had a robotic tentacle? So grab a gin and enjoyCheers
  • 3. Tasting Ten Legs

    Welcome to the Gin & Topic Tasting RoomThis week we're tasting Ten Legs with our guest Dani ClodeCheers
  • 2. Psychopomp Woden & Cemeteries

    Are cemeteries just for the dead and the grieving?The fact that this week’s guest, Janine Marriott is Public Engagement Manager at Arnos Vale Cemetery, suggests otherwise.So what do cemeteries have to offer?Some things might surprise you.Cheers
  • 2. Tasting Psychopomp Woden

    Welcome to the Gin & Topic Tasting RoomThis week we're tasting Psychopomp Woden gin with our guest Janine MarriottCheers
  • 1. Opihr & Happiness

    Do your happy dance, we're back with a new series!And what makes us more happy than the first episode in a new series? Well, GIN of course!And this week we're combining gin with happiness itself as we explore 'What makes us happy' with plenty of Opihr and our guest Dr Nic Gibson, a Lecturer in Positive Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University.Hope it makes you happy tooCheers