Customer Experience (CX) Management


E27 - Neuroscience, public health, and customer experiences

Season 2, Ep. 27

In this podcast, Carlos Velasco interviews Dr. Olivia Petit ( about her work on neuroscience, public health, and customer experiences. The interview is based on these articles: Petit, O., Merunka, D., Anton, J. L., Nazarian, B., Spence, C., Cheok, A. D., Raccah, D., & Oullier, O. (2016). Health and pleasure in consumers' dietary food choices: Individual differences in the brain's value system. PloS one, 11(7), e0156333 & Basso, F., Petit, O., Le Bellu, S., Lahlou, S., Cancel, A., & Anton, J. L. (2018). Taste at first (person) sight: Visual perspective modulates brain activity implicitly associated with viewing unhealthy but not healthy foods. Appetite, 128, 242-254.