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HOTM: Talking Green Without Seeing Red

The dialogue surrounding climate change is often passionate and sometimes contentious, especially when it touches on people’s livelihoods, religion, or political beliefs. So how can those seeking action get past the rancor and have a constructive dialogue? In this episode of Heat of the Moment, host John D. Sutter speaks with Katharine Hayhoe, a professor of political science at Texas Tech University, who regularly engages with audiences in deep-red states and other places where going green is seen as political treason. Hayhoe also hosts a digital video series for PBS called Global Weirding that seeks to present the discussion on climate change in an inclusive way.

Later on in the episode, Belgian journalist Jan De Deken discusses why he created the Polar Project, an effort to tell the story of those impacted by climate change using a wide range of mediums including virtual reality and live performances.

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