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HOTM: The Solutions Under Our Noses

There are plenty of people sitting around waiting for some magical new or improved technology to come along and fix the mess we’ve made for ourselves with the climate emergency. That’s probably not going to happen—and, anyway, we have the tools we need to ditch fossil fuels now. In the first part of the episode, reporter Molly Schwartz looks into some of these solutions, including wind farm construction and carbon capture, utilization, and storage.

In the second part of the program, host John D. Sutter speaks with Mafalda Duarte, the head of the Climate Investment Funds. (The Climate Investment Funds is FP Studios’ partnering organization for Heat of the Moment.) Duarte explains that her group’s goal is not only to give loans for solar farms and other green projects but also to help tip the scales in favor of a clean energy revolution.

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