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Blockchain technology is not enough to build a global digital debt market

Season 1, Ep. 117

FQX is a blockchain-based issuance platform for tokenised debt. Founded in Zurich in 2019, the start-up has invested as much time and money in the legalities as the technology and can now offer issuers near-certainty over the status of their security token offerings in legal and regulatory terms across six jurisdictions. The initial focus is on short-term corporate debt, with the aim of normalising the digital registration, issuance, transfer and trading of generic eNote tokens before expanding into longer term instruments and secondary market trading. Once established, the company believes the savings on issuance costs will encourage issuers to use the FQX eNote structure for public issues and private placements, for long-term financing as well as short-term debt, and for repeated returns to the capital markets. Built on a Solana layer 1 blockchain, FQX has also pioneered Stablecoin debt, with an issue denominated in the USD Coin (USDC) for the Hong Kong and Singapore-based crypto-currency lending house Babel Finance - collateralised by Solana coins (SOL). At FQX, Dominic Hobson, Co-founder of Future of Finance, spoke to Benedikt Schuppli, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, and Daniel Killenberger, CTO. 

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