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What Consumers Want From Your Healthcare Podcast, ft. Jordana Taylor

Season 3, Ep. 54

Consumers are constantly seeking reliable, engaging, and easily digestible sources of information to empower them in making informed decisions about their health and well-being. Enter the world of healthcare podcasts, an increasingly popular medium that offers just that - and more. But what exactly makes a healthcare podcast stand out from the crowd and truly resonate with your target audience?

Join Jordana Taylor, Marketing Manager at BayCare Health System and host Alan Tam as they delve into the key elements that make a healthcare podcast stand out, ensuring that your show not only resonates with listeners but also propels your brand to the forefront of their minds.

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  • 65. Healthcare Marketing - The Realm of Quantitative and Qualitative Data

    Join Dean Browell, Chief Behavioral Officer at Feedback, Danny Fell, Sr. Strategist at Optum, and podcast host Alan Tam as they discuss the concepts of quantitative and qualitative data for healthcare marketing. They dive into the importance of combining both data types for a more comprehensive understanding of the patient and driving them to care. The trio covers both pitfalls and strategies for success, highlighting key use cases and the need for human involvement in interpreting data. The conversation also touches on the role of technology, AI, and the current state of data-driven marketing in healthcare.
  • 64. Healthcare Economics 101 - The Rise of Data for Member Engagement, ft. Aaron Novotny

    How has the role of data transformed health plan communications and interactions with today's consumers? With the dynamics and complexity of the healthcare landscape, health plans are increasingly seeking and leveraging first and third party data to drive member experiences that are relevant and meaningful. Dr. Aaron Novotny, Director of Healthcare Economics at Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield, discusses how the rise and adoption of data is transforming how health plans are engaging with their members and the new challenges it brings.
  • 63. A Story of Digital Transformation for Healthcare Consumers, ft. Scott Orstad

    With the pandemic as a catalyst, consumerism has driven and accelerated digital transformation and experiences in a once highly stagnant industry. From brand awareness campaigns, to engagement, to interactive digital touchpoints, healthcare marketers have been racing to meet consumers where they are and how they want to engage. Join Scott Orstad, Vice President Marketing at Catholic Health, and host Alan Tam as they discuss the impact of digital transformation and engagement with healthcare consumers from the onset of the pandemic to present day.
  • 62. The Battle for the Future of Healthcare, ft. James Gardner

    Retail health leaders like Walgreens, CVS Health, Walmart, Amazon, and Dollar General are remaking primary care with their ambitious plans to deliver at-scale health and wellness services. For traditional care delivery organizations, risks and opportunities are abound in this fast-changing landscape. What is the future of healthcare as retail health and traditional health systems battle it out? Who's winning and what does this mean for the healthcare consumer? Join James Gardner, Director, Healthcare Strategy, at OHO Interactive and host Alan Tam as they explore and discuss the future of primary care, what’s motivating these giants, what moves they’ve already made, and what might happen next.
  • 61. Data-Driven Partnerships for Marketing Strategies, ft. Karen Wish & John Davey

    Building and developing internal partnerships are critical to the success of any healthcare marketing organization. To achieve this, today's healthcare marketers must collaborate with their internal cohorts to build and drive marketing strategies that are aligned with strategic objectives of the entire system and organization. From brand building to powering patient volume growth, data-driven partnerships enable marketing teams to understand the data sources that lead to the effectiveness and ROI of marketing programs and campaigns. Join Karen Wish and John Davey from Mount Sinai and host Alan Tam as they dive into the world of data-driven partnerships to build marketing strategies and successes that are shaping the future of patient communications and engagement.
  • 60. How To Maximize Your Pop Health Strategies, ft. Amy Comeau

    As value-based care transitions to the forefront of health systems, focusing on population health goals and measures are the keys to success, longevity, and meeting your patients' expectations. How can healthcare marketers partner with their pop health teams to drive growth and desired business outcomes? Listen to Amy Comeau, Vice President, Marketing at Emory Healthcare, and host Alan Tam as they share case studies and discuss strategies and best practices to maximize your population health outcomes.
  • 59. The Secrets of Content Marketing, ft. Ahava Leibtag

    For today's healthcare consumer, there is no shortage of online medical content for education and self-diagnosis. With the amount of content that consumers can access, but perhaps not properly interpret, how are health systems helping their patients and communities better utilize and understand content to guide them to the care they need? Listen to Ahava Leibtag, President of Aha Media Group, and host Host Alan Tam as they discuss how and what healthcare content marketers need to think about and measure in their content marketing strategy.
  • 58. Moving from Patient Engagement to Patient Enablement, ft. Brian Mullen

    Over the past few years, healthcare entities have significantly transformed patients' access to care. But are consumers adopting these latest innovations, and how are health systems continuing to drive these digital experiences forward? Join Brian Mullen, Head of Innovation and Product at The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic, and host Alan Tam as they discuss the evolution from engagement to enablement with the right patients to win a return on investment for digital front door initiatives. 
  • 57. The Evolution of Healthcare Marketing, ft. Larry Meade

    The role of the healthcare marketer is constantly evolving and adapting to the needs and expectations of the audiences that they serve. And nowhere is that more apparent than in healthcare, where marketers are faced with multidimensional audiences both internally and externally, as digital transformation blazes across the healthcare landscape. Larry Meade, System Marketing Director, Engagement Platform at Franciscan Health, explores and discusses the ever-evolving role of the healthcare marketer and the challenges they face during these transformative, and often turbulent, times.