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  • 47. Dove and Dragon Radio with host M.L.Ruscsak and guest Burton Hughes

    IN THE SIX ASSETS OF ALIGNMENT, YOU'LL FOCUS ON:Being intentional and deliberate with your time.Becoming aerodynamic in reaching your goals — there will be fewer barriers holding you back from reaching them. You might even feel like the universe is conspiring FOR you!Accepting knowing that balance is a myth and that you truly can finally control your life. With this approach, you will already feel positive about what you are about to implement.The only areas of life that matter, knowing that there are more considerations than there have been in the past — when you were growing up and before life became so complicated. Now, we juggle everything! So, let’s not fool ourselves; let’s just get after it.Scheduling in time to work on what’s important to you, what fuels your life, and is necessary to keep you going successfully every day.Seeing more clearly where you need to apply additional resources. You’ll start buying back your time and will appreciate that time is the new currency. When it comes to maximizing time, you have to find what works for you — and it will be different for everyone. Some people thrive on working from home amid all the distractions of kids and chaos, and others need to carve out quiet spaces to get their stuff done. It’s up to you to figure out what you need. Saving time is similar to preserving your health. You can’t plan to get to it later. Use time-blocking where needed, and make sure what you’re doing is dollar productive.
  • 46. Dove and Dragon Radio with host M.L. Ruscsak and guest Esra Ogut

    ABUNDANCE AWAITS TO BECOME YOU… We have been told over and over again: We have less because others have more…Really? If we are materialistic, we can’t be spiritual…Really? The rich are the root of all evil…Really? If we are not successful, we are not worthy…Really? Only this way works…Really? Money doesn’t grow on trees…Really? What is reality? Is it something outside of us, fixed, dictating the rules of the game, and we either get it right or wrong? Or is reality simply an exact reflection of our individually held beliefs being mirrored right back at us? Imagine, just for a second, you have your very own ATM machine, and that you can withdraw as much money as you need each and every time you visit it. What’s more, when you do, others won’t have less because of it. Who would you be BEING, in relationship to money, if that were the case? Money DOES grow on trees! What are some of the myths you created and live by?
  • 45. Dove and Dragon Radio with host M.l.Ruscsak and Guest Carriesa

    Based in Houston, TX, Carriesa is on the rise as an acclaimed and talented R&B/Soul & EDM Artist, Songwriter, and Producer. Carriesa embarked on her musical voyage of artistic discovery as a youngster, growing up listening to a variety of musicians and genres that have played an influential role in shaping her signature sound. Carriesa seeks to offer something different and unique to her fans by creating and performing original music that she is proud to call their own. Over the years, she has produced an eclectic mix of studio and recordings that are synonymous with her signature sound. She has graduated from MediaTech Institute, Houston with a degree in Audio Engineering. Carriesa is an artist who is passionate about using her talents. She grew up in church (mostly as a church musician), and throughout the years, she has used her talents of singing and songwriting to encourage, inspire and uplift others. Appealing to fans worldwide, Carriesa has recorded a wonderful collection of songs that are a testament to the depth and diversity of her creativity and hard work.
  • 44. Dove and Dragon Radio with host M.L.ruscsak and guest David Poses

    David Poses is a writer, speaker and activist, and author of the upcoming memoir, "The Weight of Air: A Story of the Lies About Addiction and the Truth About Recovery." After 20 years of hiding his struggle with depression and opioids, David started opening up and challenging the disregard of science and evidence in drug treatment prevention and policy. He's been published by The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and New York Daily News, and appeared on national TV programs including CBS’ The Doctors, and numerous radio shows and podcasts. With grit, humor, and a searingly honest perspective formed by science and lived experience, he advocates for a shift from punitive, self-defeating prohibition laws and logic to an approach based on evidence, compassion, and the Harm Reduction philosophy. David lives in New York's Hudson Valley with his wife and kids and dogs and entirely too many guitars for such a mediocre player.
  • 43. Dove and Dragon Rrra with host M.L.Ruscsak and guest Dr Cody

    Everyone HAS THIS PRICELESS GIFT --- BUT most NEVER DISCOVER IT! Come learn how each and everyone of us have a miracle at our fingertips…… Coursing through your bloodstream is a miraculous golden healing liquid called Platelet Rich Plasma [PRP, for short]. PRP contains all the healing factors your body uses to heal. Using this knowledge, we can concentrate this priceless blood component and reintroduce it into your body to heal injuries or as an esthetic treatment. Learn how your own body holds the key to healing. It truly is “you healing you”.
  • 42. Dove and Dragon Radio with host M.L.Ruscsak and guest Sheri Chapman

    Detective Jewels Polten is one of the best at tracking down murderers, but something beyond her experience came to Edmond, Oklahoma. When the serial killer reaches out in a cryptic letter, it reveals a government conspiracy at the highest level. Will she be able to stop an Army experiment gone rogue?