Free to A Good Home


Ep. 34: Izzy Wizzy Let's Get Busy with Lee Naimo

The final third of The Axis of Awesome, Lee Naimo, joins us to chat about his failed attempt at selling a bassoon on ebay, a shady business deal, the many things available in Darwin, and the greatest list of funny names we've ever had on the podcast.

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  • Ep. 188: For Sale: One Self, Never Sucked with Alex Lee, Cameron James and Brett Blake at the Sydney Comedy Festival

    An utterly wild live show with by some of the most turbo chat we've ever done including: what would you do with a vintage bomb? which star trek characters are fully nude? and how would you lick your own arsehole?Thanks to everyone who came out to the show, and to the Sydney Comedy Store for putting on this filth.
  • Ep. 187: You Just Wanna Wash Your Face and you Hit Your Head on a Big Purple Dildo with Jordan Barr and Tom Walker

    Come see the FREE TO A GOOD HOME Live show in Sydney, Saturday May 13 at the Sydney Comedy Store.Also, Hing's taping a comedy special at the old Giant Dwarf theatre on Saturday May 20. Tickets to both are here: week, Ben's away and Hing is joined by podcast super stars Tom Walker and Jordan Barr to talk about lobsters, dildos and Tom's Angels.
  • Ep. 186: The Day the Podcast Died with Grace Jarvis

    We're doing a LIVE show at the SYDNEY COMEDY STORE, Saturday MAY 13 with some of our favourite special guests.This week, however, Ben and Hing are joined by the hilarious Grace Jarvis to talk about Presidential Assassinations, time travel, and a balloon ride.LIVE SHOW TICKETS:
  • Ep. 185: The Etiquette of a Joint Account

    Ben's back and has some big news. Also Hing's on tour, so go check out his shows. We start off with some race chat and then we mostly talk about joint bank accounts.
  • Ep. 184: My Sim is Getting Better and Better at Comedy with Tim Batt and Jordan Barr

    Hing is heading to Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne with comedy dates, go see Jordan Barr and Tim Batt in Melbourbne. This Episode contains a wild comedy-revelation from Jordan Barr.
  • Ep. 183: On All Fours May Have Been an Exaggeration with Tom Walker and Humyara Mahbub

    Hing is joined by Tom Walker and Humyara Mahbub to really go filth mode. You are duly warned. Also, Hing's heading out on tour, so go see him to stand up. Tickets are available here.
  • Ep. 182: Gape for a Cure with Greg Larsen

    Award-winning comedian and man who's done like 9 epsiodes of this podcast but only like 3 of them have successfully been recorded Mr Greg "Chicken Bones" Larsen joins Ben and Hing to talk about his new charity venture, and we also talk quite a lot about glory holes.
  • Ep. 181: Two Rotisserie Chickens with Michelle Brasier

    We are joined once again by the actual host of this podcast, Michelle Brasier, to talk about acceptable places to eat a rotisserie chicken, acceptable excuses to skip a wedding, and acceptable fruits to uhhhhh put inside yourself.
  • Ep. 180: Theatrical Knife Fight with Max Lavergne

    Literary author and podcast Max Lavergne joins us to talk about $50,000 worth of Gatorade, James Bond's latest venture, and whether or not you're allowed to wear a stylish sword in public.Check out Max's podcast here.Watch the trailer for Hing's new TV special here.