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The Reset by Sam Delaney

Simon Gunning

Ep. 87

Simon Gunning gave up a successful career in the media to take on the role as CEO of CALM, The Campaign Against Living Miserably. The charity is committed to bringing down the UK’s suicide rate by raising awareness, encouraging conversations and providing practical help to those in need. He spoke to me about work, fatherhood and why the government isn’t motivated to help the country out of its mental health crisis.

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  • 116. Gary Stevenson

    Gary Stevenson left his trading career behind - after if almost sent him mad. He became the youngest trader in the city of London and soon he was the most successful too. But the fast living, long hours, high pressure and iffy ethics soon took its toll. On this week’s episode, he tells me his breathtaking life story.Buy Gary’s incredible memoir The Trading game.
  • 115. Dave Wilson

    Dave was polishing off a bottle of vodka a night in his late forties. His career and his relationship were on the verge of collapse. But he thought he couldn’t live without booze. Then a call from a friend changed his life forever.Listen to Dave’s podcast One for the Road and read his bestselling book of the same name. Follow Dave on Instagram @SoberDave. 
  • 114. Louis Weinstock

    Louis Weinstock is a psychotherapist who specialises in working with young people. He joined me to talk about his new book, in which he outlines the myriad pressures and strains that our kids are under in the modern world. Parenting is tough - especially when your kids are teens. Louis offers some beautiful insights and tips on how to support your kids mental health without sending yourself mad.SharePrevious
  • 113. Luke Turner

    Luke Turner is co-founder of the excellent music and culture site The Quietus and a contributor to the Guardian, NME, Vice and many more.As a child, Luke was obsessed with the Second World War. His new book, Men At War, examines how the war stories he loved shaped his ideas of masculinity.He joined me to discuss what it means to be a modern man.Buy Men At War here
  • 112. Paul Danan (Part 2)

    They call him Paul 'Dangerous' Danan for good reason. Compulsive, obsessive and adventurous, Paul often finds himself in exciting but life-threatening situations. In this episode, he reveals a fall from a building that damaged both his mental and physical health in 2023. Paul's charity Paul's directorial debut on video for 'Follow' by Phil Mac
  • 111. David Brooks

    How do you really get to know someone? How do you show them that you see and understand who they really are? This is what David Brooks, best-selling author and New York Time columnist, sets out to discover in his new book How To Know A Person. It contains some life changing lessons in empathy, friendship and communication. David joined me on this episode to talk about all that stuff and his own personal growth from cold fish to warm-hearted empath. Something for us all to aspire to!Buy his excellent book here
  • 110. Darian Leader

    Are we all riddled with animalistic sexual urges that only society’s manners stop us from acting upon? Or is sex a bit more complicated and nuanced than that? These are the sort of questions Darian Leader tries to answer in his new book, Is It Ever Just Sex?It’s not often we’ve had the chance to discuss hanky-panky on The Reset but Darian has some brilliantly smart ideas on the subject that he explains with real clarity and humour.
  • 109. Jules Evans

    Jules Evans is a writer, historian and practical philosopher. His first book, ‘Philosophy For Life - And Other Dangerous Situations’ was a Times book of the year and was translated into numerous languages. It broke down some of the big ideas of ancient philosophy, in particular stoicisim, and showed how they could apply to everyday, modern life. It was extremely readable and very helpful to people all over the world. He’s a fascinating bloke and his personal story is incredible too. I was really pleased to welcome him onto the podcast and especially enjoyed this chat.Find out more about Jules and his work here
  • 108. Jordan Paterson

    Jordan Patterson is an addiction counsellor grew up with an alcoholic dad who collected him from school drunk. He knows about the pain and insecurity felt by the people who surround addicts. Now he helps them via the family therapy programme he runs at rehab centre, The Cabin in Thailand.His story is raw, honest and painful but his insights are really helpful to anyone who is living with an addict in their life.For free support visit more about Jordan’s work visit The Cabin’s website here