Me For Her Podcast


Ep 35 - Lesbian Couples Counselling with Dr Lynda Spann

Season 3, Ep. 5

In this episode, Reets chats to licensed Couples Counsellor and the Founder of the Lesbian Couples Institute, Dr. Lynda Spann.

Hear Lynda answer some questions specific to our queer community that came through from our listeners on:

  • Lesbian U-Hauling and jumping in to a relationship really quickly
  • LBD.... Lesbian Bed Death! And how to get your sex life back on track
  • Red flags in lesbian relationships
  • How to navigate blended families with kids
  • What to do if you're in a heterosexual relationship, but find yourself attracted to women.

To hear more from Lynda, please head to her website and reach out for your free initial consultation.