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Women of Limerick's history lecture

Joe is joinedby historian Sharon Slater, who is about to give a lecture to Cappamore historical society about her incredible book, 100 women of 


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  • M&S coming to Limerick

    Joe is joined by Nick Rabbits of the Limerick Leader, to dicuss further details of new plans by Marks and Spencer to open a branch of its food outlet in Limerick which is set to open as part of a major new development on the northside of the city.
  • Askeaton Swimming Pool

    Joe is joined by Minister Niall Collins to discuss the funding which has been announced for Askeaton Swimming Pool.
  • Christmas Arrives At Limerick Milk Market

    Joe is joined by David Fitzgerald, David Jackson, and Gary Lowe, as they discuss the festivities happening at the Limerick Milk Market this Christmas.
  • Parkway Manager Retires

    Joe is joined by Roger Beck, manager of the Parkway, as they discuss his retirement.
  • The Upsurge In Vinyls Explained

    Joe is joined by Damien Mullane, manager of Steamboat Music in Limerick, to discuss why vinyl may just be the best gift for a music lover this Christmas.
  • Think Twice About A Puppy For Christmas

    Joe is joined by Donal Ryan, of City Vet Limerick, to discuss gifting puppies during the festive season, and why it might not be such a good idea!
  • Ours to Protect Episode 24: The Right to Prepare

    Have you had something broken lying about your house like a phone or a hoover that you don't want to send to landfill, but are not sure how to goabout fixing? This week’s episode of Ours to Protect is all about your right to repair as a consumer.
  • Limerick’s International Christmas offerings 2023

    Christmas is coming to town and there is lots to look forward to in Limerick this festive season. The International Christmas and Winter in Limerick kicks off this Saturday and will celebrate a wide range of cultural diversity and traditions and Joe is joined by Arts Officer with Limerick City and County Council Pippa Little and Artistic Director of the Polish Arts Festival Justyna Cwojdzińska to chat about the events.
  • Could vacant retail premises in Limerick city be used to brighten up our streets in the lead-up to Christmas?

    Joe is joined by Councillor Olivia O'Sullivan and Councillor Joe Leddin to discuss whether vacant retail premises in Limerick city be used to brighten up our streets in the lead-up to Christmas.