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Spooool.ie Podcast #2 – Looking back on January 2013

Ep. 2

Last month we published the first episode of our new podcast series where we yacked uncontrollably about our favourite films of 2012.

This time around we’re looking back on the main films to be released in the past month, previewing JDIFF and peering into our crystal ball to see what catches our eye from the month ahead! Use the player above or click here for a direct link to stream/download.

We’ve commented on the soundcloud clip to show chapter points so if you’re in the mood for skipping… the January review runs from 1.00 until 23.40, JDIFF from there until 26.50 when we move on to the documentary Side by Side and then the February preview goes from 28.10 until the end.

Don’t forget you can find all of the January films we discussed reviewed right here or by using the search bar in the right-hand column. We’ll be back with a special pre-Oscars podcast on February 22nd, hopefully by then we’ll have sorted out some more aggregation options in case Soundcloud aint your bag!

Kudos to Colin Boylan for engineering and studio space.

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