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Best Films of The Year 2014 – Spooool.ie Podcast #25

Ep. 25

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Separate Top 10s and a combined Top 5? That’s cheating you cry! It may be, but we did it in 2013 and 2012, so there. We like to celebrate the individual here at Spooool.ie and then bring our collective minds together to get those collaborative juices flowing. As old grandma Spooool used to SAY, there ain’t nothing like a collaboration to keep you warm at night. Grandma Spooool had many friends.

So following lengthy debate and argument… Behold! It is as if Moses has once again descended Mount Sinai to bring forth the laws of God only these probably won’t wreck people’s buzz as much. The Spooool.ie Best Films of 2014 are below.

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The Guest

Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett the men behind You’re Next returned with another genre specific film that ticks all the boxes. It’s an informed, action packed, funny and thrilling horror throwback to the eighties. Unfairly compared to Drive when really all they have in common is some pop synth numbers, Dan Stevens is the perfect mix of charming gentleman and flat out sociopath. With nods to Terminator and Halloween, The Guest will no doubt become a cult classic destined for midnight screenings and repeat viewings. (REVIEW)

Wolf of Wall Street

The story of one Jordan Belfort is brought to life in all its hedonistic wonder. He will either become your new role model or the embodiment of all that is wrong and corrupt with western civilisation. The fact that Martin Scorcese leaves it up to you makes it stand out as one of the most entertaining and funny films of the year. (REVIEW)


It is never easy to hold a mirror up to your own country and tackle past misdeeds. This is what director Pawel Pawlikowski attempts and succeeds at doing in his stunningly rich and evocative film set in 1960s Poland. With each individual scene seeming almost like a still photograph and shot in 1.33:1 it makes for one of the most visually striking films of the year. (REVIEW)

Obvious Child

The film that takes the romantic comedy back for adults, making the genre not just the pursuit of teens. The first of two female directors to make our list Gillian Robespierre finds warmth and laughter in one of the most hotly debated and controversial of subjects: abortion. Obvious Child stands out due to the amazing performance of Jenny Slate meaning the film will stand the test of time and deserves to sit shouldder to shoulder with the greats of the genre. (REVIEW)

The Babadook

A divisive film among horror fans. The trailer sold it as just another jumpy, loud scare athon when in fact audiences got a glimpse into the mind of a mother who is struggling to cope with being a single mother. These anxieties are manifested in the form of a Babadook. Jennifer Kent’s starkly contrasting worlds ratchet up the tension leaving you unsure just quite what you’ve witnessed. (REVIEW)

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